Harry Turner
Deputy Editor 2016-17, TV Editor 2015-16. Lover of stories and writer of all things TV, gaming and film.

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How American Gods Became the Best Thing on TV

With American Gods receiving critical acclaim across the world, Deputy Editor Harry Turner explains what’s so great about the show and why you should be watching it.

Posted on 23rd June 2017

Could Injustice 2 Already Be the Game of the Year?

Deputy Editor Harry Turner explains how the latest NetherRealm fighter is not only one of the best games of its genre, but also one of the best games period

Posted on 20th June 2017

Ranking The Defenders

With the release date of The Defenders announced, Deputy Editor Harry Turner breaks down Marvel's big experiment, and what can be learnt moving forward

Posted on 8th April 2017

Review: The Iron Fist Premiere

Deputy Editor Harry Turner remarks how Marvel-Netflix’s latest outing is unable to escape the shadow of its predecessors

Posted on 18th March 2017

Spectacle over Story – Why you should be worried about Mass Effect: Andromeda

With the return of Mass Effect upon us, Deputy Editor Harry Turner shares his hopes and concerns about BioWare’s latest installment

Posted on 18th February 2017

Redbrick’s Films of the Year

At the end of another 12 months of cinema, the Film team have brought together a selection of some of their favourite films of the past year

Posted on 14th December 2016

Review: Marvel’s Luke Cage

Deputy Editor Harry Turner reviews the opening episode of Marvel-Netflix's latest outing

Posted on 30th September 2016

What to Watch This Summer

The Redbrick TV team look back at some of 2016's highlights and recommends some of the best shows to watch or catch up on over the summer

Posted on 16th June 2016

Review: The Walking Dead Season 6

With The Walking Dead wrapping up it's sixth and latest season, TV Editor Harry Turner reviews all the show did right and this year, and all it did wrong.

Posted on 5th April 2016

Review: The Shannara Chronicles

TV Editor Harry Turner looks at the premiere of The Shannara Chronicles, a new fantasy series debuting from America on 5STAR

Posted on 3rd March 2016

Preview: DOOM

Harry Turner reckons that, with the latest incarnation of DOOM, Grandpa is back. With a super shotgun.

Posted on 17th February 2016

The Best of 2015: A Year in Review

As the year draws to a close, we look back at the best TV of 2015.

Posted on 31st December 2015