Charlotte Lytton

Thomas Turgoose: From Skinhead to Jarhead

Charlotte Lytton talks to This is England star Thomas Turgoose about growing up in the spotlight

Posted on 21st June 2012

Bored of the hordes

There was a time when fresh, original drama was at the forefront of British television

Posted on 10th May 2012

Missing: Channel4’s Ethics!

When reality TV first hit our screens with Big Brother it was exciting and new; yet now with Made in Chelsea, TOWIE and countless other dating shows the channels seem to be becomin...

Posted on 12th April 2012

Redbrick gets In the Loop with Chris Addison

Hi, Chris! How did you get into stand-up comedy? When I left the University of Birmingham, what I really wanted to do was to direct plays

Posted on 19th March 2012

Interview: Fran Kranz

Charlotte Lytton talks Shakespeare and the joy of Joss Whedon with the Dollhouse actor You’re most recognisable from Dollhouse

Posted on 16th March 2012

Sport Thoughts

Why are women so undervalued in sport? Redbrick legends Charlotte Lytton and Anna Hughes explore the reasons behind the polarity in the media’s coverage of men’s and women’s sport

Posted on 8th March 2012

$#*! My Dad Sings To

Oh Daddy dearest

Posted on 2nd March 2012

Telly Talk

If I’ve learnt anything from 21st century TV, it’s that nothing’s sacred anymore

Posted on 24th February 2012

Marie Colvin: An Obituary

The journalism industry has lost a true icon today following the death of The Sunday Times’ foreign correspondent Marie Colvin

Posted on 22nd February 2012

24 hours in New York

Charlotte Lytton lets us know why the Big Apple is a must for all people alike The Big Apple regularly tops lists of top cities to visit before you die, and with good reason

Posted on 17th February 2012

20 million hits and counting: meet Juliet

Charlotte Lytton talks to the eight year old Aussie YouTube star – and her mum

Posted on 17th February 2012

There’s Something About Sarah

Charlotte Lytton talks to Sarah Hadland, star of Waterloo Road and Miranda, about life in the limelight

Posted on 3rd February 2012