Madeleine Bourne
English & Creative Writing student | Writer for Redbrick & The Tab | Host of The Request Show at BurnFM | Absolutely awful at writing remotely interesting bios

Twitter: @maddiemae_xo

Redbrick Meets: Sabrina Carpenter

Madeleine Bourne goes full fangirl in her chat with Disney actress and musician Sabrina Carpenter

Posted on 27th May 2017

Review: ‘The Wedding Singer’ at the New Alex Theatre

Maddie Bourne embraces the glitz, cheese and sweetness of the musical based on the 1998 hit film

Posted on 25th May 2017

Redbrick Meets: Ward Thomas

Madeleine Bourne chats to Lizzy and Catherine from upcoming country band Ward Thomas

Posted on 6th May 2017

Review: ‘The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin’ at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Maddie Bourne reviews a 'lively and sobering' musical about racism in 60's America

Posted on 10th April 2017

How to Create a Transition Wardrobe

Life&Style writer Madeleine Bourne gives us her advice on how to create a wardrobe that will keep you going through Britain's unpredictable weather

Posted on 4th April 2017

EP Review: Meadowlark – Nocturnes

Madeleine Bourne slips into a meditative trance listening to Meadowlark's new EP

Posted on 14th March 2017

Single Review: Lorde – Green Light

It might be a little more commercial but Lorde's new single is a winner, says Madeleine Bourne

Posted on 13th March 2017

New Library Banner Cost £27,000

The decorative hoarding placed on the front of the Old Library building is reported to have cost the price of an undergraduate degree

Posted on 12th March 2017

Redbrick Meets: Deaf Havana

Deaf Havana are back and ready to take on the charts, the world, and Redbrick

Posted on 28th February 2017

Beyoncé: Worth the Hype?

The Beyoncé brand is unstoppable, says Madeleine Bourne, but does Queen Bey really slay?

Posted on 13th February 2017

Uni Has Changed My Music Taste – And Not for the Better

Madeleine Bourne bemoans the corrupting influence of pre-drinks and uni assignments on her music taste

Posted on 13th February 2017

Soundtrack Of My Life: Madeleine Bourne

Madeleine Bourne tells us about the songs that shaped her

Posted on 3rd February 2017