Over 100 students protest against fascism on campus

A demonstration has been held against fascism following multiple instances of anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish graffiti on campus.

Posted on 29th January 2015

Guild Council – 29th January

Redbrick brings you live coverage of tonight's Guild Council, where your representatives will be making decisions on your behalf

Posted on 29th January 2015

Unlikely Fashion Icon

This week's unlikely fashion icon according to Life&Style writer Graca Mutseyami...

Posted on 29th January 2015

Budget Beauty Buys   

This week's budget beauty buy for under £10...

Posted on 29th January 2015

Armpit Hair Dyeing- Surely not!?

Life&Style writer Graca tells us more about this unusual new beauty craze...

Posted on 28th January 2015

Drunk Mode: On 

Life&Style Writer Courtney Barclay tells us about the app that's trying to prevent those post-night out regrets....

Posted on 28th January 2015

Who Will Apologise for Anti-Muslim Attacks?

Zarah Sultana comments on the demonisation of Muslims and why Muslims may be hesitant to speak out

Posted on 26th January 2015

Trigonometry and catapults: Not all scientists wear lab coats

Guest Sci&Tech writer, Harriet Shelley, tells us about her experiences of the British Science Festival.

Posted on 24th January 2015

Unlikely Fashion Icon

Ayshea Sara Baker gives us her take on this week's Unlikely Fashion Icon...

Posted on 23rd January 2015

As it happened: student-led Lib Dem pre-election debate

This is the student-run pre-election debate for the Liberal Democrat party.

Posted on 22nd January 2015

The Tunisia Review

Joanna Kay gives her insights on exploring Tunisia.

Posted on 10th January 2015

Birmingham stands against terror in #JeSuisCharlie vigil

Birmingham locals gathered at an evening vigil on 8th January to mourn the deaths of the twelve people killed in the offices of French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo in Paris

Posted on 10th January 2015