Review: Trumbo

Critic Joe Ryan reviews Trumbo, the biopic getting a lot of Oscar buzz.

Posted on 10th February 2016

UB Archery Fire Home Victory

Birmingham University Archery Club aimed and secured the medals at the recent BUCS Indoor Championships

Posted on 10th February 2016

UoB MUN Society Host International MUN Conference

The United Nations Society at the University of Birmingham hosted a new version of the International Model United Nations Conference (UBIMUN). Katarina Dubrova reports.

Posted on 6th February 2016

Review: The Assassin

Redbrick Film critic Joe Ryan reviews The Assassin, a movie quietly making waves in the film world.

Posted on 5th February 2016

Cultural Appropriation: What’s the big fuss?

Comment writer Lola Ogunsanya explains 'cultural appropriation' and why it is so important.

Posted on 5th February 2016

REVIEW: ‘Chotto Desh’ at DanceXchange

The Birmingham Hippodrome gives Culture Critic Hannah Brierley a wonderful introduction into the world of Bangladeshi culture, in a dance performance accessible to both young and old.

Posted on 5th February 2016

Review: Cabaret XXL.

Culture Critic Matt Bates is enticed into the hilarious yet bizarre world of Cabaret XXL at the Birmingham REP.

Posted on 5th February 2016

REVIEW: Death of a Salesman at the Crescent Theatre

Nancy Turner is very impressed by the Crescent Theatre Company's production of 'Death of a Saleman', featuring UoB students and alumni.

Posted on 30th January 2016

The 10 Worst Oscars Decisions Ever Made

In the run-up to the Oscars, Redbrick Film critic Joe Ryan gives us the top ten faux pas in Academy Awards history.

Posted on 28th January 2016

Review: Our Brand is Crisis

Redbrick critic Joe Ryan reviews the latest political comedy to hit cinemas, Our Brand is Crisis.

Posted on 26th January 2016

Birmingham Airport Allow Passenger To Board Flight Without Documents

An investigation is underway as a passenger without documentation made it onto flight at Birmingham Airport. Nicole Jeary and Jenny Hughes reports.

Posted on 25th January 2016

Review: ‘Lady Lust’

Culture Editor Sophie Taylor steps out of her comfort zone and into the world of feminist comedy with Sarah Hamilton Baker.

Posted on 25th January 2016