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Recap: Mega Man 30th Anniversary Livestream

30 years on from his first outing, Mega Man has some exciting anniversary announcements for future games and platform ports

Posted on 13th December 2017

MCM Comic Con Birmingham | Top 3 Indie Games

With lots to see on the show floor, Gaming Editors Roshni Patel and Emma Kent find the indie gaming gems among the crowds at comic con

Posted on 4th December 2017

Zeus Strike Cambridge to Win Winter Championships 2017

UOB Zeus takes on Cambridge University NUEL Team in the Overwatch Winter Championship finals, beating the top team 3-0, reports Gaming Editor Roshni Patel

Posted on 3rd December 2017

UoB Virtual Reality Research Team Recognised Nationally

Recently, the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) visited the University of Birmingham to commend the research of the Human Interface Technologies (HIT) team

Posted on 2nd December 2017

UOB Advances To The LOL National Groups Stage

Redbrick Gaming editor and e-Sports writer Roshni Patel catches up with some of the UoB eSports League of Legends teams to find out how they did through the regional winter qualifiers

Posted on 27th November 2017

Impressions: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Gaming Editor Roshni Patel takes a look at the announcement of World of Warcraft's 7th expansion, Battle for Azeroth

Posted on 20th November 2017

Blizzard Brings Back Vanilla

Gaming Editor Roshni Patel gives us her opinion of the newly-announced revival of 'classic' servers for the biggest MMORPG of all-time, World of Warcraft

Posted on 16th November 2017

UOB’s Coldhands A Win Away From The ESL Hearthstone Finals

UOB's own Hugo Kay plays to win, for a chance to advance to the live Hearthstone finals

Posted on 14th November 2017

Once Upon Again!

As the show returns for a seventh season, Gaming Editor Roshni Patel offers us a glipse into the new series of Once Upon a Time - but is it just a rehash of the pilot?

Posted on 11th November 2017

News: Microsoft Dis-Kinects

Gaming Editor Roshni Patel briefs us on the discontinuation of the indecisive Kinect

Posted on 3rd November 2017

UoB A Whisker Away From Qualification

University of Birmingham eSports Society fights for a place in The National University eSports League's Counter Strike: Global Offensive Winter Championship

Posted on 30th October 2017

A Gifted Start to Fox’s Latest X-Men Spin-Off

Gaming Editor Roshni Patel examines the opening episode of Bryan Singer's latest X-Men project, The Gifted

Posted on 29th October 2017