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What to Watch This Summer

The Redbrick TV team look back at some of 2016's highlights and recommends some of the best shows to watch or catch up on over the summer

Posted on 16th June 2016

Review: iZombie

TV Critic Roshni Patel breaks down the first 2 seasons of iZombie, Netflix's latest undead arrival

Posted on 16th June 2016

Preacher Pilot Packs A Punch

TV Critic Roshni Patel gives her opinion on the pilot episode of Amazon Prime's Preacher.

Posted on 7th June 2016

Hands On: Binaries

Gaming reviewer Roshni Patel tests the limits of her patience as she tries the fiendishly challenging Binaries.

Posted on 27th May 2016

BBC Incites Recipe Rebellion

After announcing their plans to archive the popular BBC Food website, the national broadcasters made one of the fastest U-turns in BBC history, effectively eating their words after mere 24 hours.

Posted on 23rd May 2016

Review: Free The Blobs

Roshni braves the depths of a saturated mobile market to discover a puzzle pearl, at EGX Rezzed.

Posted on 22nd May 2016

Weekly Round-Up: Trailer Reviews

We're back with a round of the best recent film trailers to be released, including the latest instalment in the Batman franchise.

Posted on 11th May 2016

EGX Rezzed | Hands-on: Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse

After the zombie apocalypse, nature takes action, as bears, lions, elephants, pangolins and ducks mow down all in their path in this top-down shoot 'em up.

Posted on 28th April 2016

EGX Rezzed | Hands-on: Snake Pass

Roshni checks out the Little Big Planet 3 developers' next release, at EGX Rezzed.

Posted on 28th April 2016

EGX Rezzed | Hands-on: The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club proves to be one of Roshni's highlights of EGX Rezzed, and a punny one at that.

Posted on 28th April 2016

EGX Rezzed | Preview: Jump Stars

Roshni digs into more quirky, multiplayer, party game goodness, at EGX Rezzed.

Posted on 28th April 2016

EGX Rezzed | Hands-on: Manual Samuel

Featuring comic book style graphics and slapstick humour, Manual Samuel is a QWOP ragdoll physics-based game which left Roshni in stitches at this years EGX Rezzed

Posted on 27th April 2016