Sam Nason
First Year English and Drama student, conquering one game at a time in between!

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Impressions: Super Smash Bros (Switch)

Sam Nason, fan of the Wii U Super Smash Bros, gives us his impressions for the just announced Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch

Posted on 11th March 2018

News: Nintendo Direct Recap (9/3/18)

Sam Nason recaps Nintendo's latest Direct, showcasing an impressive number of 3rd party games alongside some fan favourite classics

Posted on 10th March 2018

Super Mario Odyssey – Balloon World Update

Sam Nason jumps into the free Super Mario Odyssey update which includes Luigi's very own Balloon World!

Posted on 5th March 2018

Impressions: Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts adorer Sam Nason tells us of his impressions for the long-awaited sequel to one of the biggest Square Enix franchises, Kingdom Hearts 3

Posted on 25th February 2018

Impressions: Kirby Star Allies

Gaming's Sam Nason gives us his impressions of one of Nintendo's longest IPs new instalments, Kirby Star Allies

Posted on 16th February 2018

Switch Ports – A Force For Good?

Sam Nason evaluates the amount of ports coming to the popular Nintendo Switch over 2018

Posted on 14th February 2018

Impressions: The World Ends With You Final Remix

Sam Nason takes a look at the upcoming port of the cult classic, The World Ends With You Final Remix, coming to Nintendo Switch

Posted on 3rd February 2018

Nintendo in 2018 – What They Need to Do to Succeed

Gaming writer Sam Nason gives us his opinion on what Nintendo needs to do to succeed in 2018

Posted on 25th January 2018

Has Pokémon GO outlived its relevancy?

Pokémon GO fan Sam Nason examines whether the once-popular mobile game still has the relevancy it once did in 2018.

Posted on 19th January 2018

Most Anticipated Games of 2018

The Redbrick Gaming team take you through the most anticipated games of 2018

Posted on 19th January 2018

Bayonetta 1 & 2 Coming To Switch

Bayonetta lover Sam Nason tells us why you should be extremely excited for the two Bayonetta games coming to Switch

Posted on 16th January 2018

Recap: Nintendo Direct Mini (11/01/18)

Sam Nason boards the Nintendo hype-train as he recaps Nintendo's first Direct Mini of 2018

Posted on 14th January 2018