Scott Steinberg

Badminton men make a racquet as glory beckons

Birmingham 1sts – 7 Southampton 1sts – 1 Wednesday afternoon saw the Munrow Sports Hall play host to the first round of the BUCS knockout competition, featuring Birming...

Posted on 17th February 2011

Fine for Blackpool to field a weakened side?

Ian Holloway felt so strongly about making ten changes to the Blackpool team that played Aston Villa on 9th November that he offered his resignation in the event of any punishment

Posted on 1st February 2011

Government funding for PhDs under review

A review into postgraduate education has been launched to decide whether the Government should fund PhDs only at elite universities

Posted on 13th March 2010

Bombay Bicycle Club entertain students on the Vale Village

    ON Thursday 11th February eager fans queued outside Fusion in Shackleton Hall for a chance to see Bombay Bicycle Club perform for free courtesy of BurnFM, the University Radio station

Posted on 20th February 2010

News briefs

PIERS MORGAN LABELS BRUMMIES AS ‘WEIRD’ AS the Britain’s Got Talent judges arrived to greet the Birmingham hopefuls, Piers Morgan said he was excited for these au...

Posted on 14th February 2010

Resident Association Elections: The Results

At the Great Hall on the 6th December, the new Resident Associations for the next year were voted in during with a twelve thousand pound party

Posted on 15th December 2009

Other news

NEW STREET REDEVELOPMENT INSTEAD of the £600 million planned improvements to New Street Station, it has come to air that stainless steel and glass will cover the current concrete ...

Posted on 5th December 2009

Robber steals £25,000 on his own street

A CRIME involving £25,000 and a masked man attacking a security guard was easily resolved as the robber was seen running to his house five doors away from the scene

Posted on 4th December 2009

Immigration loophole

DONAL MacIntyre reinvigorated the debate about immigration as he claimed, on his Radio 5 live show, that new plans to tackle problems in student immigration are failing

Posted on 20th November 2009

Train Problems Hold Up Midlands and UK

LONDON Midland has been reprimanded by the Department of Transport for breaking an agreement and failing to provide enough trains on Sunday 6th September

Posted on 20th November 2009

BNP offend Sikhs

THE BNP have caused a furore in Birmingham by placing a memorial in the middle of two wreaths laid by the Sikh community

Posted on 20th November 2009

Council fails to meet cost of Olympic swimming pool

Hosting major swimming events became more of a dream than a reality for Birmingham, as the deadline to provide the funds for the 50 metre swimming pool proved too soon for Birmingham City Council

Posted on 13th October 2009