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UoB Paedophile Jailed for 32 Years

Matthew Falder, a 29-year old former geophysics researcher based at the University of Birmingham (UoB), has been sentenced to 32 years in prison by the Birmingham Crown Court.

Posted on 8th March 2018

News Analysis: Grid Girls Protest

The announcement in the last fortnight that Formula 1 will be following the example of darts in removing scantily-clad women from purely ceremonial jobs has been met with backlash from both fans of the sport and the wider modelling community.

Posted on 27th February 2018

Guild Presidential Debate: Live

Live coverage from the Redbrick News team of the 2018 Guild Presidential Debate

Posted on 26th February 2018

Birmingham Faces Jaguar Land Rover Cuts

Having already cut production in its plant on Merseyside, the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) plant in Birmingham is having its production lines reduced, in part over fears of uncertainty regarding Brexit.

Posted on 21st February 2018

UoB Joins Alan Turing Institute

The University of Birmingham is set to join the Alan Turing Institute for data science in 2018

Posted on 15th February 2018

Birmingham ‘Red Zone’ for Aussie Flu Outbreak

According to Public Health England, the number of people admitted to intensive care because of influenza almost doubled between December 28th and January 4th, which is heavily linked to ‘Aussie Flu’

Posted on 26th January 2018

How To Busabout Europe

Travel writer Tom Leaman explains how you can travel around Europe by coach using Busabout

Posted on 23rd January 2018

City’s Christmas Cracker

Sports writer Tom Leaman looks at how being top of the Premier League table at Christmas bolsters Manchester City's probability of winning the title come the end of the season

Posted on 18th December 2017

Birmingham Qur’an Exhibited Digitally in the UAE

Tom Leaman reports on the unique exhibition of the 1400-year-old Islamic manuscripts in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai over 2017/18

Posted on 29th November 2017

In the News… from 1605: The West Midlands’ Forgotten Role in the Gunpowder Plot

As we approached this year’s Guy Fawkes Night, we took time to remember the attempted treasonous attack on King James I of 1605

Posted on 19th November 2017