Zak Hughes
Zak Hughes is a Redbrick contributor cursed to refer to himself in the third person until the sun swallows the earth. His most impressive achievement is getting through that tutorial bit at the start of Driver on the first try.

Twitter: @ZakHughes2

Review: Immortal Redneck

Zak Hughes reviews Immortal Redneck - a first-person-dungeon-clearing shoot-em-up with enough charm and enjoyment to at least peak your interest

Posted on 21st March 2018

Mercenaries 2 and the Problem with Old Games

Looking back on the PS3's Mercenaries 2, Zak Hughes discusses the highs and lows of replaying our favourite games

Posted on 7th March 2018

8 Tips to Survive in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Our reviewers for Kingdom Come: Deliverance James Honke and Zack Hughes offer 8 tips that will greatly help your historically realistic adventure

Posted on 6th March 2018

Review: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Redbrick Gaming duo Zack Hughes and James Honke donate their time and energy into reviewing the brutally realistic historic RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Posted on 3rd March 2018