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Back To Uni Bargains – Games Under £10

George Hopkins offers you one of the most comprehensive game bargains list for University students across the country

Going back to University is expensive. The monetarily lethal combination of the first rent payment, social events or the overpriced “core-texts” soon whittles away the first student loan instalment, and suddenly the money saved from toiling away in part-time jobs over the summer months seems rather insignificant. For this reason, many student gamers resist the temptation to expand their library, however this article will show that financial insecurity need not prevent you from enjoying the finest of pastimes. So here’s ten games- all of which are physical copies as digital prices fluctuate too wildly for this list to have any longevity- available to buy online for under £10.

Last Generation GamesGears 3 Screenshot

  1. Gears of War 3

Game: £6.90 new on Xbox 360

When any gamer thinks of “event games”, those which captivate the gaming zeitgeist to the point where it seems like everyone is playing them, the Gears of War Franchise is often one of the first to spring to mind. Having popularised third-person cover-based shooting in both single and multiplayer and provided a surprisingly emotional narrative, the series holds a special place in people’s hearts - so much so that Microsoft are still relying on it to prop up what is otherwise a rather flimsy list of current-gen exclusives. Any of the first three games are worth picking up and playing, however, not surprisingly due to Epic Games’ iterative improvements, the third feels the least dated to modern-tastes.

  1. Far Cry 3

CEX: £5 Preowned on Xbox 360/PS3

Want a current-gen experience on a previous generation console? Look no further than Far Cry 3.

Set on a beautiful desert island full of crazed pirates and mercenaries, Far Cry 3 charges the player with methodically taking down these new found enemies by completing a number of base invasions, tower ascents, and story missions. This may sound repetitive, but the quality of the core gameplay and accompanying gear-modification system is so high that these tasks remain rewarding throughout the nearly 40 hours of content. Indeed, it’s a formula that was so successful they released the next instalment, Far Cry 4, with only a few minor additions just two years later; a fact which, when coupled with a graphical package which utilised all of the processing power available on previous generation consoles, means that you need not feel left out if you do not have any new hardware.

  1. Tomb Raider

CEX: £4 Preowned on Xbox 360/PS3

Combining a cinematic presentation and solid third-person shooting (clearly drawing heavily from the Uncharted Franchise) with excellent climbing mechanics, Tomb Raider is a game that both the hard-core and casual gamers can enjoy.

Reimagining a classic franchise is never easy, but the folks at Crystal Dynamics simultaneously managed to satiate nostalgia and create a fantastic game that is still worth a playthrough.

  1. Super Mario Galaxy

CEX: £10 Preowned on Nintendo Wii

A wonderful and unique presentation style makes traversing across the multiple worlds and galaxies a complete joy, and as with any Mario game (well almost any) the tight controls ensure that over ten years later the first game has aged fantastically.

If you can’t wait for the upcoming release of Super Mario Odyssey and are desperate to play an inventive 3d Mario game, then either of the two Super Mario Galaxies are definitely for you.

  1. Fallout 3

Game: £4.99  preowned on Xbox 360

A modern Classic for under £10? Surely not? Well multiple retailers stock the post-apocalyptic RPG at below that magical number; its excellent follow-up Fallout:New Vegas is even cheaper(£4 from CEX). Sure, Fallout 4 is already entering this price-range (£10 new on Game), but when the annals of gaming history are reviewed and amended in the decades to come, almost all of the praise will be adorned on Fallout 3's achievements, rather than its disappointing successor.


Current Generation

  1. Project Cars

Various sellers on Amazon: From £9.99 preowned on Xbox One/Ps4

Racing games are a divisive genre; many dismiss them as dull and repetitive. But for those who do enjoy whiling away the hours burning rubber on virtual tarmac, Project Cars offers an affordable opportunity to do so.

It must be noted that this game is dedicated to being a hard-core racing simulator, so those looking for cart-racers or a Need for Speed-style game should look elsewhere. Any who do enjoy a purer racing experience will be treated to a refreshing alternative to the Gran Tourismo and Forza series however.

  1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Various sellers on Amazon: From £8.75 new on Ps4/Xbox One

Mankind Divided, a follow up to the similarly excellent Human Revolution, puts the player in the shoes of Adam Jensen. A cyborg super-agent trapped in the middle of a complicated conspiracy involving corporations, government agencies and so-called terrorists. It’s a fascinating narrative which is enhanced by the games emphasis on player choice - both the decisions that affect the direction of said narrative and the style of play adopted.

Even from this incredibly brief description it is not hard to see why Deus Ex is a series that has always been the darling of a small portion of the game press. However unfortunately, it has still never achieved the mainstream sales numbers it has deserved. This is why, less than a year after its release, it can be bought for as little as £8.75.

  1. Dishonored 2

Amazon: £9.49 new on Ps4 and Xbox One

Dishonored 2 is similar in many ways to Mankind Divided. Dishonored is also a critically acclaimed first-person action-adventure game which emphasises its strong narrative and player-agency. Where it differs is in its setting, set in a world driven by steam-punk rather than the highly advanced technology found in the former, and in its more simplistic-progression system - Deus Ex is to all intents and purposes a much deeper RPG. Instead, Dishonored opens up player choice through making both run n’ gun and stealth options effective, creating an almost unrivalled recipe for replayability in the genre.

  1. Sunset Overdrive

Amazon: £6.99 new on Xbox One from

Sunset Overdrive is perhaps the most chronically underrated and undersold title on this list. A kooky-marketing campaign obscured a brilliant and original game that to this day remains one of the most impressive Xbox one exclusives.

Due to its originality, describing it concisely is a challenge; basically Insomniac took their almost masterful take on third person combat and mixed it with a brilliant concoction of Tony Hawks Pro-Skater and Saints Row. It’s a cliché, but the result is pure unadulterated fun.

  1. Doom

Game: £9.99 new on PS4/Xbox One

The folks at id software achieved something remarkable with Doom (2016). They managed to successfully reimagine a classic-franchise and breathe a breath of fresh air into an FPS genre which was until recently full of derivative, unimaginative cash cows.

Of all the clever design-choices made during its development, it’s the sheer speed at which you are forced to play the game that elevates it into the realms of greatness. Monsters swarm at you from all directions, leaving the player trying desperately to scramble up platforms and fire at the onrushing horde. Couple this with an intense heavy metal soundtrack and you’ve got one of the best games of the current generation.



17th October 2017 at 9:00 am

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