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Bake Off Favourites Not ‘Going with the Dough’

TV Newcomer Rachael Hopson discusses whether the most recent TV scandal will mean the end of baking as we know it

The Great British Bake Off is a show that has truly captured both our hearts and stomachs, however after six successful years with the BBC will this move to Channel 4 be a burn out for Bake Off? After rumours spread that BBC were unable or unwilling to pay the £25 million that was being asked for by the company behind The Great British Bake Off, Love Productions, it was believed that ITV may take over. However in under two hours of BBC releasing they would not continue to air the show, Channel 4 announced their three-year deal with Love Productions, and the chaos began.

The loss of these two not only marks the end of a Bake Off era but the end of their playful yet rather cringe-worthy baking puns and innuendoes

Mel and Sue, the beloved hosts of the Bake Off were the first to go. Less than 24 hours after the news of the shows move they announced with a classic baking pun that they would not be “going with the dough”. The dynamic due refused to even enter discussions with the Channel 4 producers, describing how truly “shocked and saddened” they were by this decision to move. The pair have worked on the show since series one and have been key members aiding both the growth and popularity of the series with their comical rapport with both the contestants and the two judges. The loss of these two not only marks the end of a Bake Off era but the end of their playful yet rather cringe-worthy baking puns and innuendoes.

However the true cherry on top of the cake came when the news dropped of the loss of our nation’s sweet heart, Mary Berry. In her heart breaking statement she announced that her decision to stay was out of pure “loyalty” to the BBC. She discussed how she understood this would mean a huge change to the show and hoped the audience would “understand” her decision as she bid “farewell to soggy bottoms”. Surely this means the end of the show entirely? It was thought that with only one member of the team remaining, surely our co-judge Paul Hollywood would remain strong and loyal to the team and stick with his baking partner.

Instead there was scandal in the world of baking when Paul Hollywood released a statement stating that he will “continue as a judge when Bake Off moves to Channel 4” for its 7th series! He discussed how both the show and the bakers meant too much for him to be able to leave, however thanked Mel and Sue for their time together.

So The Great British Bake Off continues with 1 of the 4 original cast, however the public have made it clear their outrage and disgust at the move to Channel 4. Will the show remain our Wednesday night favourite with its 15 million viewers, or is this the end of baking as we know it?


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