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Bournbrook Halls Ready For 2017 Student Residents

Among the current development projects on campus is the Bournbrook hall of residence. The construction of the halls by the University's Grange Road gate will be ready to welcome students arriving in September 2017

The £20 million project was announced in August 2014, and the construction began last spring. In September, the University's newest student hall of residence will be ready to accommodate 178 students across 34 flats. The flats are self-catered with en-suite bathrooms, shared kitchen and lounge. 11 of the rooms will have wheelchair access. The total cost of a 42-weeks contract for the 2017/2018 academic year is £5928, a weekly cost of £143.

A cost that has left some students reeling, a second year History student told Redbrick, ‘I would never pay that amount for halls accommodation and I can’t believe that that is a reasonable price for the facilities. It makes me wonder how much profit the university is making and where it goes.’

Located by the Grange Road gate, the communal areas of the halls will have open views towards campus and Selly Oak. The halls also aim to contribute to the local atmosphere with a café open to the community.

Bournbrook is situated right across from the sports pitches, with which the residence shares its name. Although not ready in September, Bournbrook will at some point during the next academic year become the home of the University's new sports pavilion. The pavilion will include eight changing rooms, a cafe, a bar, and a function room with sports facilities, and will work in conjunction with the new sports centre now scheduled to be completed this spring.


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