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Start Blogging to Boost Your Career

Lifestyle blogger and food editor Sophie Neal reveals what blogging can do for your career prospects and how to kick off your own blog.

The graduate job market is as terrifying as ever and it is very easy to feel like you could get lost in the sea of job applications. With employers apparently spending an average of seven seconds glancing through your CV, is there anything that could make you stand out and show you possess a range of skills?

If you’re lacking a little in the work experience section on your CV, it might be worth thinking about starting a blog. So why will setting up your own space on the world wide web make you stand out?

It shows you are committed and motivated. Setting up a blog and continuing it for a substantial amount of time shows you are dedicated, self-motivated and committed – all desirable attributes in the work place. If you have run your blog alongside your studies, it shows you have also developed your own interests outside of your degree subject.

It demonstrates a range of skills. You will find yourself developing your skills in photography, editing, proof-reading and getting to grips with social media. These are all huge assets if you are applying for roles in PR, marketing and journalism and are certainly something to shout about on your CV.

It proves you are an individual. Although having a first class degree is all well and good, employees look for certain personalities. If your personality involves not having much to say about yourself, it isn’t the best start for an interview or application. Your blog will help you build a personal brand because your personality becomes the brand. You might surprise yourself about how you develop as a person as you get into the swing of blogging!

It can give you a professional edge. If your blog hits the big time, you might find yourself being contacted by PR’s to work with them on campaigns. This is super exciting but you can also use it on your CV. Building working relationships proves to potential employees that you can be professional and present yourself in an appropriate manner. It shows that you have enough drive and passion to get contacted in the first place, go you! 

It can lead to big things. When I started my own fashion and lifestyle blog I wasn’t sure where it would lead. Fast forward four years, and it’s essentially a part-time job for me. Although I don’t think I could make it into a full-time career, it is totally possible nowadays to go self-employed and run your blog as a business if you can build it big enough!

It is something to talk about. In interviews, employers will often focus on the biggest chunks of your CV and quiz you about them. If they ask, ‘tell us how you grew your blog’, you will have a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate all the skills you’ve gained.

My top three bloggers:

Good Girl Gone Brum : Emily is a final year English Literature and Creative writing student at UoB. She is a vegetarian and writes restaurant reviews, recipes, and foodie.

Wonderful You: Meg writes about fashion and beauty. Her blog is packed with gorgeous photography and inspirational posts. She has shown that with dedication and passion, blogging can be taken full-time.

Jordan Bunker: Jordan is a student blogger who writes about men’s fashion, lifestyle and travel. He proves that running a successful blog is possible alongside your studies and is an ASOS student ambassador!

Sophie is a fashion and food blogger at  She will be speaking at the Careers Network event on The Art of Blogging,  taking place in the Learning Centre, LG12, on Wednesday 9th March at 1:30pm.

Print editor for Redbrick Food, style blogger and third year English with Creative Writing student. (@sophie_etc_)


3rd March 2016 at 5:42 pm

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