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May’s ‘Strong and Stable Government’: More Than a Tagline

Comment Writer Tom Young argues that we must vote Conservative to ensure a certain and positive future

Trust, stability and conviction: the three values that the Conservative Party have prioritised to create great gains in the local council election. So far, areas such as Derbyshire, which Labour was predicted to retain a hold on due to past GE victories, have swung to become Conservative.

The Tories are the party that will not let the public down

The importance of these council elections shows why, in the upcoming general election, one needs a government who has a strong negotiating hand with the European commission over Brexit and a leader who has the greatest backing of the British public. A leader who is determined to fight for the best deal for Britain.

That someone is Theresa May.

The Conservative gain of more than eleven councils and four metro mayors in areas of Labour heartland, such as the West Midlands, is a clear indication that the Tories are the party that will not let the public down and go forth with principles of hard work, a strong economy and giving people the individual responsibility they deserve.

Today, it could be argued that the (Labour) party is a lost cause

An ever crumbling and rootless Labour Party with clear divisions at the core highlight that if the party cannot unite in this prominent era of exiting the European Union, then how can one negotiate on the country’s terms. A Shadow Home Secretary who cannot supply sufficient data when interviewed on the average wage for new police recruits, as well as believing Labour’s net loss of seats was at the time 50, but in fact, the figure was 125, summarises the Labour Party’s disorganisation and amateurish politics.

Today, it could be argued that the party is a lost cause. In a time of anomie, the relationship between the electorate and political players is key. The transition of UKIP voters to supporting Conservative candidates and swing Labour voters who visualise the capability of Tory councils across the UK foreshadow the talent of a Conservative government.

With a patriotic and proud public, the ever-growing possibility of a strong mandate and a determined candidate with clear objectives, we can see that the goal is nearing and British sovereignty is rising. Let us, the people, unite in a time where Britain faces uncertainty to forge a pathway that looks onwards, past the EU, to a ‘Global Britain.’ This event has divided opinions, one would know as someone who voted for remain.

However, the time has come to not sit back and point fingers, but to get down to politics, and strive onwards.


7th May 2017 at 10:00 am

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