North Korea is Going Nuclear. It’s Time to Fight Back.

A Coalition with the DUP Could Derail Brexit

Labour Must Embrace Electoral Reform

Green Party Broadcast Takes a Risk to Break Labour’s Monopoly

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    North Korea is Going Nuclear. It’s Time to Fight Back.

    Comment Writer Colum Hawken argues that the world can no longer rely on the US to defend it from North Korea

    Written by Redbrick on 26th July 2017


    Holocaust Memorial Day – Why It is Important?

    Comment writer Cameron Uppal highlights the importance of Holocaust Memorial Day

    Written by Redbrick on 27th January 2017


    Redbrick’s 2016 Reading List

    Editor Anna Griffiths revisits some of Redbrick's best and most popular articles of 2016

    Written by Anna Griffiths on 31st December 2016


    Investigatory Powers Act: How Free Are We?

    Kat Smith explores how the freedom of the public is being compromised by the Investigatory Powers Act

    Written by Kat Smith on 6th December 2016


    Farage is Underqualified

    Commentator Sam Yearley is surprised that President-elect Trump wants to appoint underqualified Nigel Farage as the US ambassador to the UK

    Written by Samuel Yearley on 6th December 2016


    Bone Marrow Donation: The Facts

    Amy Rogers is a Law student, having just embarked on her first year studying at the University of Birmingham

    Written by Madeleine Bourne on 20th November 2016


    Count on Corbyn

    Comment writers Becci Griffiths and Isabel Morris explain why the Labour party is more popular than ever before and why Corbyn has the public's support

    Written by Redbrick on 22nd October 2016


    Trump: Locker Room Lad Culture

    Sexual harassment or locker room banter? Comment writer Hannah Brierley investigates what Trump's recent comments mean and if he will face any consequences

    Written by Hannah Brierley on 17th October 2016


    The Contraceptive Pill and Depression

    Commentator Lorna Stancer explores a new study conducted on the link between the contraceptive pill and depression

    Written by Redbrick on 16th October 2016


    What Do You Meme?

    Comment Editor Aamina Siddiqi explores if sharing memes reveal more than it seems

    Written by Aamina Siddiqi on 16th October 2016


    Stop Clowning Around

    With Halloween right around the corner, Sam Yearley comments on the recent spate of clown sightings across the globe

    Written by Samuel Yearley on 15th October 2016


    Article 50, There’s No Going Back Now

    Theresa May has announced the deadline for triggering Article 50. Comment writer Harry Tennison explains what effect this will have nationally and globally

    Written by Harry Tennison on 9th October 2016
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