Mental Health Funding Won’t Help in Shared Society

Laser Guns: Star Trek or Great Tech?

Gaping Educational Divide Ignored

Populism Will Not Save Labour

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    Laser Guns: Star Trek or Great Tech?

    Commentator Bea Harvie considers whether or not adopting Star Trek's laser technology is right for our austerity age

    Written by Bea Harvie on 14th January 2017


    Uber Are Heading in Reverse

    Commentator Emily Youlton says that Uber's stubbornness is regressive for the technology giant

    Written by Emily Youlton on 2nd January 2017


    Before The Flood

    Comment's Jordan Mullett discusses how Leonardo DiCaprio's film 'Before the Flood' faces the topical issue of global warming

    Written by Jordan Mullett on 6th December 2016


    Facebook Fake News

    Alex Goodwin discusses the recent epidemic of 'fake news' on Facebook and how this aided in the results of the US elections

    Written by Alex Goodwin on 6th December 2016


    Blair is Back

    David Mawby defends Tony Blair's decisions and discusses the legacy that the former Prime Minister has left behind for the nation

    Written by David Mawby on 5th December 2016


    The Woes of an International Student

    Comment writer Jaffer Muljiani explores the woes of being an international student

    Written by Redbrick on 3rd December 2016


    Twitter and Politics

    Comment editor, Kamila Geremek, explores the conflict between free speech and a rise in hate speech on Twitter

    Written by Kamila on 2nd December 2016


    Bone Marrow Donation: The Facts

    Amy Rogers is a Law student, having just embarked on her first year studying at the University of Birmingham

    Written by Madeleine Bourne on 20th November 2016


    2016: The Year of the Underdog

    Abbie Pease and Phoebe Warneford-Thomson argue that the radical must no longer be ignored in a year in which, it appears, anything can happen

    Written by Abbie Pease & Phoebe Warneford-Thomson on 19th November 2016


    What Can We Really Expect From Trump?

    Commentator Robert Jones looks at what Trump's election could mean for America

    Written by Harry Tennison on 19th November 2016


    Apathetic American Students

    Comment writer Alex Goodwin asks whether American students are apathetic when it comes to voting for their future

    Written by Alex Goodwin on 19th November 2016


    An American Horror Story

    Commentator Hannah Brierley notices the parallels between the incoming US Government and a Margaret Atwood dystopia novel

    Written by Hannah Brierley on 19th November 2016
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