A Strong Labour is Needed for Democracy

Farewell to Wigs in the Commons

No More Fake News!

Appeasement Won’t Solve Trump Concerns

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    A Strong Labour is Needed for Democracy

    Comment writer Zoe Olukoga considers where the voice of opposition comes from today, and how necessary it is

    Written by Redbrick on 18th February 2017


    Farewell to Wigs in the Commons

    Bea Harvie comments on the social progress in the Houses of Parliament

    Written by Bea Harvie on 18th February 2017


    Comment Attends: Anti-Trump Protests

    Comment writers Bea Harvie and Alex Taljaard attended recent protests against Donald Trump and his Muslim ban

    Written by Redbrick on 12th February 2017


    A Green Future for the West Midlands

    Comment writer Tobias Sales on why James Burn, the Green Party candidate for Metro Mayor, could be the best thing for the West Midlands

    Written by Tobias Sales on 11th February 2017


    Northern Ireland: Is Devolution the Answer?

    Comment writer Alex Taljaard considers whether Northern Ireland is heading towards a return of political violence, and what can help

    Written by Redbrick on 11th February 2017


    Passengers: A Sexist Film?

    Comment writer Amber Allcock considers whether the sci-fi hit film deserved the feminist criticism it has received

    Written by amberallcock on 8th February 2017


    Would Boris Strike a Pose?

    Emily Youlton writes on Theresa May appearing in Vogue, and whether Boris Johnson would be commended for his fashion choices over his accomplishments

    Written by Emily Youlton on 8th February 2017


    Redbrick Meets: Jess Phillips MP

    Editors Conrad Duncan and Anna Griffiths spoke to Jess about women in Labour, Tristram Hunt and old snobs

    Written by Anna Griffiths & Conrad Duncan on 6th February 2017


    Holocaust Memorial Day – Why It is Important?

    Comment writer Cameron Uppal highlights the importance of Holocaust Memorial Day

    Written by Redbrick on 27th January 2017


    Mental Health Funding Won’t Help in Shared Society

    Bea Harvie, Comment writer, considers whether Theresa May's rhetoric regarding mental health will come to fruition in her 'shared society'

    Written by Bea Harvie on 15th January 2017


    Populism Will Not Save Labour

    Commentator James Cox says Labour should be more concerned with its message, not its messenger

    Written by James Cox on 2nd January 2017


    Uber Are Heading in Reverse

    Commentator Emily Youlton says that Uber's stubbornness is regressive for the technology giant

    Written by Emily Youlton on 2nd January 2017
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