Mental Health Funding Won’t Help in Shared Society

Laser Guns: Star Trek or Great Tech?

Gaping Educational Divide Ignored

Populism Will Not Save Labour

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    Populism Will Not Save Labour

    Commentator James Cox says Labour should be more concerned with its message, not its messenger

    Written by James Cox on 2nd January 2017


    Trousergate: The True Scandal of British Politics

    Commentator Bea Harvie questions whether 'trousergate' is really the most important thing we have to talk about right now, and why are we bothering anyway?

    Written by Bea Harvie on 15th December 2016


    Farage is Underqualified

    Commentator Sam Yearley is surprised that President-elect Trump wants to appoint underqualified Nigel Farage as the US ambassador to the UK

    Written by Samuel Yearley on 6th December 2016


    Facebook Fake News

    Alex Goodwin discusses the recent epidemic of 'fake news' on Facebook and how this aided in the results of the US elections

    Written by Alex Goodwin on 6th December 2016


    The Mental Health Revolution

    Antonia Miles is enraged by an investigation into mental health cuts by the government

    Written by Antonia Miles on 6th December 2016


    Blair is Back

    David Mawby defends Tony Blair's decisions and discusses the legacy that the former Prime Minister has left behind for the nation

    Written by David Mawby on 5th December 2016


    Are Things Looking Up for the Lib Dems?

    Commentator, Bea Harvie, questions whether the Lib Dems' win in the Richmond Park by-election is a nationwide rejection of Brexit, or just an isolated yellow fightback

    Written by Bea Harvie on 3rd December 2016


    Twitter and Politics

    Comment editor, Kamila Geremek, explores the conflict between free speech and a rise in hate speech on Twitter

    Written by Kamila on 2nd December 2016


    Trump – Now What?

    Comment's Angeliki discusses the harsh reality of Donald Trump being elected as President

    Written by Angeliki on 22nd November 2016


    Redbrick Meets: Gisela Stuart MP

    Editors Conrad Duncan and Anna Griffiths went to speak to Gisela about Brexit, Birmingham and women in politics

    Written by Anna Griffiths & Conrad Duncan on 20th November 2016


    Please Ignore Our Politics

    David Mawby expresses his frustration at the assumptions made about British politics

    Written by David Mawby on 20th November 2016


    2016: The Year of the Underdog

    Abbie Pease and Phoebe Warneford-Thomson argue that the radical must no longer be ignored in a year in which, it appears, anything can happen

    Written by Abbie Pease & Phoebe Warneford-Thomson on 19th November 2016
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