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Female Crisps? It’s a Dorit-no From Us!

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    Female Crisps? It’s a Dorit-no From Us!

    Comment Writers Jadzia Samuel and Helena Shaw discuss the uproar following the news that Doritos are releasing a new 'female friendly' crisp

    Written by Jadzia & Helena Shaw on 18th February 2018


    Sympathy for the Devil

    Disliking Donald Trump is no excuse for perpetuating harmful stereotypes about mental illness, argues Music Editor Thom Dent

    Written by Thom Dent on 8th February 2018


    May Must Sharpen Focus on Knife Crime

    Comment Writer Natalia Carter discusses the promotion of knife crime on social media and why she believes Theresa May's cuts are to blame.

    Written by Redbrick on 7th February 2018


    Morgan and Trump: A Twisted Love Affair?

    Comment Writer Alex Garrido reviews Piers Morgan's recent ITV interview with Donald Trump, deciding that it is a failure in political journalism

    Written by Redbrick on 7th February 2018


    Politics and Social Media: A Perfect Pair?

    Comment Writer Helena Shaw discusses why she believes that social media is not the place for politics

    Written by Redbrick on 6th February 2018


    You Are The Company You Keep

    Comment Writer Madeline McInnis discusses the politics of romantic relationships in light of the recent controversy concerning UKIP's Henry Bolton.

    Written by mmcinnis on 6th February 2018


    The Rumour To ‘Trump’ All Fake News?

    Comment Writer Jake Kilshaw discusses recent rumours of Donald Trump's racist comments, and why he should be more careful if he wants to be re-elected

    Written by Jake Kilshaw on 2nd February 2018


    What Next After Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration?

    Comment Writer Zaid Salam argues there is not, and there never was, hopes or plans of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    Written by zaid on 30th January 2018


    Happy Anniversary President Trump!

    Comment Writer Alex Goodwin congratulates Trump on celebrating the anniversary of his Presidency in the most fitting of ways

    Written by Alex Goodwin on 29th January 2018


    Qatar: the Undermined Actor in Arab Relations

    Comment Writer Tom Moran highlights the role of Qatar in Arab relations

    Written by Tom Moran on 26th January 2018


    Selective Sympathy in Macron’s Refugee Rhetoric

    Comment Writer Tom Shacklock criticises the French and UK government's handling of the refugees crisis amidst Macron's recent visit to England

    Written by Tom Shacklock on 26th January 2018


    Celebrities and Politics: An Inappropriate Mix

    Comment Writer Gabrielle Taylor-Dowson insists that the political landscape should not involve celebrities like Oprah

    Written by Gabrielle Taylor-Dowson on 21st January 2018
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