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Georgia Toffolo Cannot Be The Face of The Tories

Comment Writer Helena Shaw discusses the implications of Toff's celebrity status and language on her credibility as the voice of young Conservatives

My favourite thing about Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffollo, is not that she’s on Made in Chelsea, or that she won I’m a Celeb, but that she’s recently adorned the front cover of my parent’s morning paper.

Toff has more in common with my parents than myself

Middle-aged and middle-class, they thought that the features of pop culture would pass them by. Alas, they have been confronted, front and centre, as they sip their Tesco finest tea and worry about how Brexit will affect the price of their organic hummus. The fact of the matter is, despite being an avid Made in Chelsea fan, Toff has more in common with my parents than myself.

Why’s that? Because she is Tory.

Self-proclaimed by the age of 16, and now having an increase in celebrity, she is only all too eager to highlight her political prowess within the world, is linked to ‘Boris in a bikini’.

The 24-year-old from Devon already had a name and a fair bit of wealth before conquering the Australian jungle this year, having been a regular on Made in Chelsea since season 11. Now, since her win and her multiple new opportunities, such as an appearance on ‘This Morning’, her political stance has been brought further into the limelight.

So, is this self-proclaimed ‘ditz’ the new face of young Tories? Should she be?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m situated on the couch every Monday to watch rich kids live their lives and wishing that I could switch the £5 Aldi wine I’m drinking with their champagne and caviar. But as much as I love Made in Chelsea, Georgia Toffolo is not a political player. Why not? It’s simple, she’s a celebrity, a tv star, she does not want to be taken seriously. She wants people to like her and watch her on TV.

The way to be taken seriously is not to act like a deluded school girl

No serious political actor would ‘giggle’ and refer to Jacob Rees-Mog as a ‘sex god.’ I recognise there does need to be a youthful regeneration of politics, and Toff with her 319k twitter follows could be the platform to do that... if she was serious about it.

If young people want a voice in politics, and they should, then the way to be taken seriously is not to act like a deluded school girl. She may be very smart, she may have an influence, she may even have political ideas that could solve Brexit and the unemployment crisis, but until she swaps the words ‘sex god’ for something that could be uttered in the House of Commons, then she is going nowhere in the political world. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll get serious and her crush on Zac Goldsmith, like Cameron and the infamous pig, will come back to haunt her.


7th January 2018 at 9:00 am

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