REVIEW: Spectacular Classics at Symphony Hall

REVIEW: You Can’t Polish a Nerd, The Festival of The Spoken Nerd

REVIEW: Miracle on 34th Street the Musical at The New Alexandra Theatre

Review: Sunset Boulevard at the Hippodrome

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    Interview: Dinita Gohil

    Culture critic Holly Reaney interviews Dinita Gohil, making her RSC debut as Viola in their current production of Twelfth Night

    Written by Holly Reaney on 15th November 2017


    Podcasts for Beginners

    Over the last few years podcasts have exploded into the mainstream

    Written by FrankieStott on 13th November 2017


    Kazuo Ishiguro Wins Nobel Prize

    Culture's Sophie Woodley discusses the implications of renowned author Kazuo Ishiguro winning the Nobel Prize for Literature

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 13th November 2017


    Halloween Reads to Get You in the Spirit

    Culture Critic Emily Walters recommends five thrilling books that are sure to get your heart racing this October

    Written by Emily Walters on 25th October 2017


    Preview: The Next Stage and Ever-After Vintage Dance Spectacular at Symphony Hall

    Culture Editor Olivia Boyce previews the exciting Next Stage events taking place at the Symphony Hall for August bank holiday weekend.

    Written by Olivia Boyce on 24th August 2017


    Preview: Edinburgh Fringe Must Sees

    Sport Editor Olli Meek and Culture Editor Olivia Boyce highlight a few of the 'Must-sees' amongst this year's Edinburgh Fringe lineup.

    Written by Olivia Boyce & Olli Meek on 15th August 2017


    A Love Letter to Brum

    Culture Editor Imogen Tink bids both Birmingham and Redbrick a fond farewell

    Written by Imogen Tink on 22nd June 2017


    Behind the Scenes at the New Alexandra Theatre

    Imogen Tink explores the history behind one of Birmingham's most well-renowned theatres

    Written by Imogen Tink on 19th May 2017


    Preview: The B-Side Hip-Hop Festival 2017

    Culture Editor Olivia Boyce previews the action-packed B-Side Hip-Hop festival, taking place May 19th to 21st in and around the Hippodrome.

    Written by Olivia Boyce on 18th May 2017


    An Evening with Patrick Ness

    Rhys Morgan spends a fascinating evening in the company of author Patrick Ness, as he discusses his new book 'Release'

    Written by Redbrick on 16th May 2017


    Preview: The Flatpack Film Festival 2017

    Once again the fantastic independent Flatpack Film festival hits the streets of Birmingham, bringing us an alternative film experience

    Written by Redbrick on 2nd April 2017


    ‘Making Space’ at UoB

    Olivia Boyce shares her thoughts on UoB's new project, in conjunction with International Women's day, celebrating the vital role of women in academia throughout the university's history

    Written by Olivia Boyce on 16th March 2017
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