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EGX | Hands On: Super Lucky’s Tale

Gaming Editor and 3D Platformer enthusiast Nick Burton plays a short but sweet Super Lucky's Tale demo

Going into Super Lucky’s Tale, I was hoping to find the influence of old 3D platformers such as Spyro and Jak and Daxter. To find the same charming characters and environments, and be able to scratch that never-ending collect-them-all itch. Super Lucky’s Tale lived up to this expectation. Playing as the colourfully cute protagonist was a fun and engaging experience, and exploring the gorgeous world was joy in itself. There are some minor issues still to be found within the demo, but overall it was a joyful time indeed.

Collecting coins is a big part of Super Lucky’s Tale which is great. The downside being that they only give you bonus lives for when you die, instead of being collected just for the purpose of collecting them. Having a count of coins in the level would have driven me to find more coins since the game isn’t extremely challenging, meaning the lives you lose should be minimal, reducing the drive to collect coins. Though there are some thought-provoking platforming. Offering just enough challenge both for children and adults so that it isn’t plain sailing. They should keep this level of difficult, only slightly increasing it as you progress through the game, as it feels challenging yet rewarding.

The gameplay wasn’t as solid as I would have liked, but the controls were responsive and easy to grasp

The gameplay wasn’t as solid as I would have liked, but the controls were responsive and easy to grasp. Some minor improvements on the protagonist’s movement would go a long way. Speaking to the various animals and characters throughout the demo was humorous, though probably neutral for most gamers. I would have preferred voice-actors giving their spin of the characters, instead of for example, the word ‘meow’ being repeatedly spoken for one character’s speech. That being said, it wasn’t that distracting through the 20-minute demo, but definitely could be for a 5hr+ game.

Finding hidden challenge areas, overcoming thoughtful platforming puzzles, and interacting with the world of Super Lucky’s Tale made it a trip down memory lane. Its gameplay is not as solid as the games that came before it, and there is much more world building to be done, but there is definitely potential here for Super Lucky’s Tale to help millennials like me reminisce about the good old days when it launches November 7th later this year exclusively on Xbox.

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5th October 2017 at 9:00 am

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