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EGX | Impressions: I Am Here

If you're a fan of Firewatch, Galen Reich has found the new game to watch at EGX 2017, I Am Here

I Am Here is a beautiful alpha-stage game, and the debut output of Dundee-based and student-led indie developer Lavalamp Games. Following in the footsteps of Campo Santo’s Firewatch in design aesthetic (albeit in a much smaller production), Lavalamp Games sets out to tell an evocative tale through beautifully rendered and narrative-driven gameplay.

Set in an American ranch house in the Midwest, I Am Here explores the memories that the protagonist, Karen, recalls as she moves from room to room within the building. Despite it’s early stage of development there is already an attention to detail present throughout the environment; the carefully crafted and subtly changing objects in the world are as vital to the storytelling as the narration by the protagonist. With themes surrounding mental health and social liberation, I Am Here weaves a tale of discovery and hardship spanning several decades.

I am here

At the time of writing there is no release date and so we could be waiting for I Am Here for a while, but even at this early stage I am confident that Lavalamp Games will be able to produce a captivating and compelling experience.

Written By Galen Reich


1st October 2017 at 9:00 am

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