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EGX Rezzed | Hands-on: Manual Samuel

Featuring comic book style graphics and slapstick humour, Manual Samuel is a QWOP ragdoll physics-based game which left Roshni in stitches at this years EGX Rezzed

It’s not often that you get to play as the reanimated, so when I saw the very opportunity in Curve Digital’s room at Rezzed, I leapt at the chance to play Manual Samuel. Recently deceased due to a run in with a septic tank truck, Samuel has made a deal with Death to be brought back to the land of the living. On one condition, Samuel must live out one full day doing everything on purpose, manually, or face an eternity of Hell.

Don’t even get me started on walking, or in my case a series of steps punctuated by the splits.
This game was an excellent use of QWOP style controls and ragdoll physics as the player literally controlled every aspect of Sam, from bashing A to blink his eyes to inhaling and exhaling air for him via X and B. The demo was short, but amusing. As soon as I start I was introduced to a hipster Death who tells Sam how it is, before going off to do kick flips or something, but not before he reminds me to get Sam ready for work. From there, frustration will ensue as you learn how to get Sam moving to complete the mundane morning routine, such as brushing his teeth, going to the toilet, eating breakfast and of course drinking scalding hot coffee.  I was continuously reminded to blink Sam’s eyes, else the screen would get blurry, or to breathe, else Sam would turn blue and pass out. Don’t even get me started on walking, or in my case a series of steps punctuated by the splits. Walking required a coordinated rhythm of the left and right triggers, whilst simultaneously holding up on the D-pad to ensure Sam kept his back straight as your mother always chided you to. Complete with a sarcastic narrator, who tries his best to get on your nerves as you spasm on the floor in your attempts to walk, this demo was hilarious.


Featuring comic book style graphics and slapstick humour, this demo was well worth the 15 minutes I spent playing and I can’t wait to find out how Samuel continues on through the day. The game was side-splittingly funny to get to grips with and it always seemed that just when you got the hang of one thing, you’d probably forgot something else. “Your back Sam!” It was also great fun watching others play too, with the developers commenting on how they enjoy watching players progress from flopping around the floor like an infant to some semblance of walking by the demo’s end. Due out this summer, I personally can’t wait to get my hands on this game, to see what other challenges Samuel will have to endure before his manual day is complete.

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