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EGX Rezzed | Hands On: Serial Cleaner

They've done the murder, but who will clean up after them? Why the Serial Cleaner of course! Redbrick Gaming gets hands on at EGX Rezzed

When we originally heard the premise of this game, we knew we had to play it, with a quick watch of the trailer sealing the deal and only exciting us more for this unique 1970's themed stealth game. Developed by iFun4all and published by Curve Digital, this game had us in stitches as we frantically tried to evade detection.

Play as a sharply dressed professional cleaner, who's specialty happens to be cleaning up murder scenes before the CSIs get there. From disposing of the body and any incriminating evidence to cleaning up the bloodstains left behind, this game takes a humourous approach to the macabre as you dodge, duck and dive away from police flashlights. Complete with 70s music and art style, this game had us in stitches as we played through the levels.


There's no easing your way into Serial Cleaner, no conveniently undetected murder scene to clean up at your leisure to teach you the controls. Instead you'll immediately have to start learning police patrol patterns, as their conical fields of view stain the ground orange. Get caught in their sweep and you'll be detected and on the run, which doesn't usually end in your escape. Picking up bodies undetected was often simple enough, but weighed down by a bagged up corpse we were left vulnerable, unable to hide in conveniently placed shelters like we had when we were empty handed, and we often found ourselves being caught seconds away from the getaway car. Armed with a powerful vacuum cleaner, we were frantically zipping across blood pools in a desperate bid to clean up the crime before the police came back, who were never any the wiser, even when both the body and the blood it was lying in, suddenly disappeared.


Unable to kill, attack or even slow down the police, Serial Cleaner forces you to play as a ghost and run like hell to a hiding spot should you arouse suspicion. This dynamic makes the game harder, but a whole lot funnier, keeping us on the edge of our seats as we stalked around the scene of the crime like super spies. All in all this game was exactly what we had hoped it would be and we couldn't recommend it more. Currently out on early access on Steam, this game is exactly what you see in the trailer, its fast, funny and great fun to play in short bursts or long stints if you're on a stealthy cleaning roll.


Redbrick Gaming Editor, who also occasionally dabbles in the dark arts of other sections. Graduating July 2018 (@roshofalltrades)


1st April 2017 at 10:00 am

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