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EGX | Top 5 Multiplayer Games

Gaming Editor Roshni Patel gathers her gang to play EGX 2017’s best local multiplayers

We all love a good multiplayer game. Especially when its local so you can play at home with your friends. There’s nothing more satisfying than to yell at your team mate for slacking in a co-op mission, or doing a little victory dance when you best your party in a versus game. As a big fan of games that bring us together, I make extra effort to find great multiplayers out on the showfloor. Here are some of the best I found out in the indie zone.

5. Employee of the Month

Developed by a team of students for a game jam, this quick play game is a lot of fun, albeit simple in its current form. You play as employees of Life.Co, an office based company in the afterlife, which as it turns out, doesn’t look too different to life. Battle against 3 of your friends to paint the floor tiles in your colour to become employee of the month, but watch out for power ups and distractors, the main one being ‘The Baby’ who you can’t hold and paint with. As a result of these additions, we found ourselves zipping across the boards, colouring tiles, and playing a digital version of tag, as we avoided being ‘it’, while the player carrying the baby frantically tried to collide with us; to exchange it for the ability to paint again. While this game has no release date as of yet, I think with a few modes and more variety in office layout, this game could be a great addition to anyone’s multiplayer catalogue.


4. King of the Castle

King of the Castle is built by students in a games accelerator program by DARE Academy at Abertay University. Sponsored by the program, they were able to showcase their current build at EGX this year. The game revolves around capturing and holding points, which as they so happen, are at the top of a child’s wooden block castle. Playing as toys and armed with blocks, you and your friends compete against one another to build a path up to the towers to capture them or steal them. I loved the 90’s toy style and it was great fun trying to work out how to build a path up, taking over someone else’s monstrosity of a bridge or just building anywhere and everywhere to confuse other players. While this game also doesn’t have a release date, there is a regular stream of updates available on social media, and in time I’m sure there’ll be a release date announcement.


3. Its Quiz Time

While this game plays exactly as it says on the tin, it was a delight to play all the same. Developed by seasoned PlayStation Buzz! developers, It’s Quiz Time takes all that we loved of those classic console quiz games, and merges them with the features of indies like Jack Box Party, allowing up to 8 phones to connect into the quiz. Add in their unique and very sassy quiz mistress, Salli, and this quick-fire quiz was hilarious to play. Especially when Salli decided to pick on the person in last place or chastise the only player to get the question wrong. Due to release this November, if you enjoy quizzes and seeing your friends being roasted by an AI, then this might be a fun addition to your library.


2. BFF or Die

Although all the other games may have been versus games, BFF or Die is very firmly a co-op, or you’ll literally die. Team up with friends and play as cute characters who have accidentally traveled through time and must work together to collect power orbs from each level, with each level more challenging than the last. From traversing a maze with only 1 spotlight, to traversing it with a mummy chasing you, the challenges will have you calling out to your friends for help and running to them in fear as an angry mummy chases you relentlessly. While this game can be played by one person, this is definitely one I couldn’t imagine not playing with others, as we worked together to work out the objective, tools, and the best way to tackle the level. This game also doesn’t have a concrete release date, but instead allows players to download early builds on for free.


1. Oh My Godheads

By far my favourite of all the multiplayer indies on display at EGX was Oh My Godheads, a game that I’ve had the pleasure of watching grow and reviewing in the past. Like capture the flag, players work in teams of two to capture the godheads and take them back to their altars. But watch out, each of the heads have different abilities, which could help or hinder your efforts. With different stages based around their world map, there’s no end to the number of head-map combinations you could play with your friends. Over the years the game has developed from a few heads and maps to many, adding in more modes of play than the original capture the flag, such as last man standing and king of the head. Currently out on early release on the Steam store, this is definitely an instant purchase and is well worth the money when played with others.


Honourable Mention: Balance of Kingdoms

Worthy of a mention if not a place in the top 5, Balance of Kingdoms is a 2-player game where players must build kingdoms on small platforms balanced on nearly a knifes edge. Once your kingdom is built and steady, you must of course destroy your friend’s adjacent kingdom. With building time before the battle begins and the ability to furiously build during a match, many players will hang on much longer than you’d think possible, just by balancing out their platform as demolition ensues. This is another game without a concrete release date, but this one is available  early access on indie-gogo for a fee.


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11th October 2017 at 9:00 am

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