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Film News 09/03

Ralph McQuarrie Oscar winning visual effects artist Ralph McQuarrie has passed away at 82

Ralph McQuarrie

Oscar winning visual effects artist Ralph McQuarrie has passed away at 82. Best known for being the driving force in the creation of the Star Wars universe, envisioning Darth Vader amongst many other legendary characters, McQuarrie also worked on Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Cocoon for which he received his Oscar. George Lucas said of his collaborator, 'his genial contribution, in the form of unequaled production paintings, propelled and inspired all of the cast and crew of the original Star Wars trilogy'. McQuarrie is survived by his wife, Joan.

The Lorax

The Lorax has smashed expectations at the box office by grossing over $70 million this weekend, $20 million more than was projected. The film currently has the highest opening of the year and third highest of all time in March, behind Alice in Wonderland and 300. Following up their surprising 2010 box office hit Despicable Me, Illumination Entertainment, founded by Chris Meledandri, look to have another runaway success on their hands with The Lorax.

Step Brothers 2?

Those of you still holding out for a sequel to Anchorman will be sad to hear that it appears to be a lost cause at this point thanks to budgeting issues, but star Will Ferrell has stated that he will hopefully be again teaming with frequent collaborator Adam McKay on a sequel to another one of his films, Step Brothers. Ferrell is said to be working on a script with the intention to commence filming in the autumn. As with all the projects that Ferrell is said to be tied to, you should await studio confirmation, as this could easily go the way of Anchorman 2.

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9th March 2012 at 3:30 pm

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