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The Words Bradley Cooper is a fine piece of merchandise nowadays

The Words

Bradley Cooper is a fine piece of merchandise nowadays. His new film, The Words, recently caused a stir for the Sundance Film Festival when a bidding war broke out. The new drama tells the story of a writer who plagarises a long lost manuscript only later to pay the price. However, it would seem CBS Films was paying the real price of $2 million in order to purchase the distribution rights. Let's hope that the film will live up to budding expectations.

The Hobbit

With the trailer released recently it comes as no surprise that people are eager to know how long is left until this magical film is released. Jackson revealed at the West of Memphis Sundance Premiere that filming was 'probably two-thirds of the way through' and that he still had a 'hundred days of shooting'. One hundred days! Even if the release date has been confirmed for December, it doesn't make the grueling waiting time that much easier...

The Host

Breaking Dawn: Part One's intake of almost $710 globally (and still climbing) proves how popular the Meyer franchise continues to be. It should come as no shock that her latest 'book', (unrelated to Twilight) The Host, now boasts an almost-full complement of main characters, with Diane Kruger joining Saoirse Ronan, William Hurt and Max Irons. The film is set for a 2013 release, and will undoubtedly set hysterical fans rushing to the screens, even without the simpering, sparkles of the Cullen Clan. The premise is of a mysterious soul, named The Wanderer, fusing with with a captured human, in an attempt to locate a desperate, lone pocket of surviving humans on Earth.


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