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Five of the Best: James Bonds

The name’s Sanders… Isidore Sanders, and she shares her five favourite 007s here… #5 George Lazenby A one-hit wonder in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Laz...

The name's Sanders... Isidore Sanders, and she shares her five favourite 007s here...


George Lazenby

A one-hit wonder in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Lazenby's Bond tried to settle down for a while by taking a wife. His marriage is short-lived though as the omnipresent villains SPECTRE see to the assassination of Mrs Bond before the end credits roll. Lazenby seems a little lacklustre and probably wouldn't have lasted the test of another film, so it's a good thing that he decided not to continue.


Timothy Dalton

Dalton was third choice for Roger Moore's successor; Pierce Brosnan had accepted the role but due to a contract conflict was forced to bow out. Despite this, Dalton was a fairly competent 007. He was a little lacking in the characteristic humour of the role, and although somewhat closer to the significantly more sober Bond of the novels, did not raise as much of a smile as other incarnations.


Roger Moore

Impressively starring in seven Bond films, Moore was Connery's successor, and had big shoes to fill. Slightly older than Connery, his performance did not lack the humour of his predecessor's, though Moore brought a greater gravity to the role with his poise and deep voice. Some of the films were, like Moonraker, a little too experimental. Nonetheless, he also stars in some of the most iconic films.


Pierce Brosnan

Ideally, my Bond would be Pierce Brosnan doing a Sean Connery impression. He's 2nd rather than 1st largely due to the films Brosnan starred in rather than his performance in them. A revival of the tongue-in-cheek humour after Dalton's relatively sobre performance, Brosnan felt more like my Bond than Dalton or Lazenby. However, some flimsy premises and soggy co-stars let him down.


Sean Connery

Sean Connery's Bond was a misogynistic, violent man, who once forced himself upon a woman and hit her when she refused his advances. Not a man to be admired. But look at the filmography: From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, and You Only Live Twice are such iconic Bond films that many of the tropes within them define the genre. Even Connery himself is iconic; most people, asked to do an impression of 007, will put on their best Sean Connery voice. True, he's a shorter, hairier, more Scottish Bond than any of the others, but somehow his cheeky grin wins through.


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