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Golden Globes: A Male Perspective

It’s officially award season and therefore our first opportunity of the year to go all out admiring and, perhaps more frequently, slating the latest creations of the supposedly t...

It’s officially award season and therefore our first opportunity of the year to go all out admiring and, perhaps more frequently, slating the latest creations of the supposedly talented designers as worn by A-List movie stars. So whose photographs will be added to the hall of fashion shame this year? Last week’s Golden Globes had many winners and losers. Look at any fashion blog or celebrity style page and you can read how Salma Hayek ‘stole the show’, about Reese Witherspoon’s ‘Old Hollywood Glamour’ and the uncertain murmurs concerning Lea Michele’s slightly, erm let’s just say revealing number. But what about the general public’s opinion or perhaps, more interesting, what about the men of Birmingham? I asked 3 of University of Birmingham’s finest what they thought about a cross section of this year’s red carpet shots. Here’s what they had to say.
Angelina Jolie in Versace with Christian Louboutin Clutch

MAX: ‘Slammin’’
JOE: ‘The dress is okay but she looks way too skinny, arms shouldn’t look like that!’
KEIRON: ‘I’m not a fan of Angelina, she looks a bit like a Vampire, or in this dress perhaps more like an air hostess. I like how she’s coordinated the bag with the top of the dress though.’
Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

MAX: It’s a weird fit. I don’t like the bottom; it looks tattered, like the dress maker didn’t finish it, but the tops nice I suppose.’
JOE: fine, fine, fine… then you see the bottom. It looks like she’s attached hair to it.’
KEIRON: ‘This is sexy, but I don’t like the bottom, it’s a bit bird like.’
Lea Michele wearing Marchesa

MAX: ‘Difficult to comment. It’s quite hot, but I think it’s to tacky for the Golden Globes.’
JOE: ‘She looks like a mermaid! Or like a creature from the lagoon is crawling up her. Just no.’
KEIRON: ‘This is a bit much for her really. I suppose it’s quite cool, it looks like she’s half lizard half human, or perhaps a superhero!’
Dianna Agron wearing Giles


MAX: ‘She looks fit, although it is perhaps a bit holey.’
JOE: ‘Okay, this just looks like she’s stuck a load of doilies together.’
KEIRON: ‘She’s so fit I don’t want to say a bad word against her. Although she does look like she’s on fire. It’s just a bit too arty.’
Amanda Peet

MAX: ‘No. It just looks like a cross between a wedding dress and a wedding cake’
JOE: ‘I’m sorry but this dress is not attractive. It looks like some expandable contraption.’
KEIRON: ‘ I like the colour of this dress and I like the one shoulder thing, but it kind of resembles a Christmas tree.’
Charlize Theron in Dior


MAX: ‘Damn! I like it. It would be better if it were a tad more revealing…’

JOE: ‘I think she looks like she wants to be a slutty princess to be honest. She should scrap the slit as her legs really aren’t her best feature.’

KEIRON: ‘I like the colour and material, but not the middle bit.’
Kelly Osborne in Zac Posen

MAX: ‘Seriously? She looks like she’s in her 70’s. It’s stupid, and she’ll probably fall over the bottom all the time.’
JOE: ‘It’s too pointy and makes me wonder where her feet are.’
KEIRON: ‘Wow, she looks like something from monsters ink, you know the one I mean? The one with all the legs?’
Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen


MAX: ‘I like this dress, but it’s a bit long, she might trip over’
JOE: ‘She looks classy, I like it.’
KEIRON: ‘This one’s sexy. I like the colour and how it makes her look nice and curvy. She looks really healthy too.’

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Monique Lhuillier

MAX: ‘Nahh! Just no. This is bad, it’s too big and puffy. She looks like she’s hiding something underneath it.’
JOE: ‘It’s like she’s just wrapped a duvet round herself. Not a good look.’
KEIRON: ‘What has she done to herself? It looks like she’s wearing a sheet that she spilled something on! And I really don’t like that thing in the middle.’

Written by Vicki Haworth


30th January 2012 at 9:44 pm