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How to Find the Perfect Bra

Life&Style writer Anna Troughton tells us the importance of having the right fit and style bra

All boobs are different and sometimes finding the perfect bra is not easy. Many women are wearing the wrong size which can lead to problems such as back ache, neck ache and migraines, but it’s also important to know which style of bra is best for your boobs to make them look their best and, importantly, lead to increased comfort. Just as the right clothes can make you look and feel your best, the right bra could be the missing part to perfecting your outfit.

First of all you need to establish what kind of boobs you have; what shape they are, how they sit naturally and how you want them to look.

Shallow shape breasts sit closer and flatter to the body because the breast tissue is spread out over your chest without having a lot of projection. Those of us with shallow breasts tend to have trouble finding a bra that fits well as the cup often feels small on the top but too big on the bottom. About 10% of women have this shape and the best bra for fullness is a padded bra with crescent-shaped padding which will push up the lower breast tissue and therefore bring your boobs together. Plunges and other narrow wired bras are not ideal as they are more likely to dig in to the tissue.

Just as the right clothes can make you look and feel your best, the right bra could be the missing part to perfecting your outfit
The semi-supported boobs are the best all-rounder as they tend to be the breasts that bras are made for so any will fit you and make your boobs look great! This shape means that maybe your breasts are not completely full, but they’re not drooping either. They’re nice, round and perky! About 30% of women have semi-supported breasts.

Conical shape breasts mean the breasts are cone-shaped rather than round. About 6-7% of women have these boobs and generally women who are a C cup or smaller. This shape can have issues filling the front of the cup while the underwire fits the base perfectly. Look for fuller padded bras that push from the bottom and the sides giving a more rounded breast shape.

42% of women have uneven breasts where one is a slightly different size to the other. Most women are affected by this simply because the muscle in your writing hand can make either breast bigger. If this is relevant to you, then you should always fit your bras to the larger breast and look for contour-cupped bras with a thin layer of foam to act as a filler moulding around the breast to make it look the same size. A moulded bra will give structure and a smooth round cup will keep your boobs safely holstered whilst creating a soft but defined outline for your bust. Plunge bras can be problematic for ladies with uneven breasts as they are likely to show off your unevenness even more.

Settled breasts mean your boobs are not as firm as they could be and are slightly deflated or hanging. However, this means they are malleable and can be formed into any shaped wanted. A well-structured bra is best with cups that have seams because they give you a better structure and a nice shape. A full-cup bra is best for large settled breasts because the higher cut means a more demure coverage when you need it. This shape affects 27% of women.

5% of women have a thin, or ‘tubular’ breast shape which means the breasts are not as wide as the traditional underwire of bras. Bandeau bras work because they ‘smoosh’ the boobs together. A contour-cup bra or a push-up bra will also work giving more rounded shapes. Plunge bras are useful as well because the wire will come in low at the centre along the sternum and therefore be more comfortable to wear.

Splayed breasts mean your boobs sit east to west and you’ll probably want to bring them back together again. The best bras to do this are ones with any extra support at the sides. Demi bras will show more of your upper breast, so look at the centre panel of a bra and see how the cups are attached to it. You’ll want to look for a triangular piece in between where the wires meet and side support panels in the cups that will help push your boobs towards the centre. Triangle wireless bras allow your breasts to sit comfortable in the front and with less at the sides that might dig in. A balconette bra will also lift and round-out the shape of wide-set breasts.

If you have boobs that touch each other in the middle, you’ll find a plunge bra the most comfortable, or a full-coverage bra which will help support all breast tissue and provide a smooth silhouette. To diminish a full-cup appearance, opt for a minimiser style which will reduce the cup-size in comfort.


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