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Birmingham’s own ‘Great British Bake Off’

The Baking Society may sound twee and cutesy, but it’s also a fun and interesting way to meet new people and enjoy a new hobby

The Baking Society may sound twee and cutesy, but it’s also a fun and interesting way to meet new people and enjoy a new hobby. The likes of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off have brought baking to the forefront of British cuisine and now there’s a chance for you to get involved too. Thus far the meetings have taken place in the Oasis Lounge in the Chaplaincy. The style is informal, with people congregating round tables and all getting their hands dirty together. At first I was a little scared by this, rather fancying myself a bit of a champion where any sort of cooking is concerned and nervous about relinquishing control. But as the meeting progressed it turned out that it was a great way of learning new techniques and ways of getting the assigned bake completed. Each session also has a theme whereby everyone can bring something along for everyone else to try. Past themes have included international, pastry and valentines –cue lots of pink and hearts- to name a few. This tasting session is perhaps my favourite part of the meeting, partly because I don’t have to buy dinner for the night, but mostly as it enables us to sample different things that perhaps we wouldn’t have had another opportunity to try. The first meeting I went to was international themed which meant we got to make pizza at the event. But the array of food to be sampled was what I found most exciting: flat Middle Eastern spiced cheesy flat bread, Italian Biscotti and oaty Anzac biscuits from New Zealand. So, what else do we do? Well, as well as having our fortnightly bake, we also do special one off events. We’ve had a visit from Bake Off’s Jason White who provided us with a great demonstration of a chocolate and banana tray bake. This event culminated in our very own bake off with the winning cake being a stunning honey, almond and pear sponge topped off with crystallised fruit. Planned trips for next term include the national cake exhibition, and working with local primary schools to bake with them. Now for a shameless piece of PR, Bakesoc will be having a stall at Valefest on June 2nd and we’d love to have more bakers to be involved and showcase your sumptuous goods! If you can manage to drag yourself from the inevitable hangover slump after the last day of exams, that is. We’d love to have people bake sweet or savoury goods, and if you’d like to be involved please contact the Facebook page: or the newly up and running twitter account : @uobbakesoc

By Sian Silverstone


4th May 2012 at 1:32 pm