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A Vegetarian In Budapest

Amber Allcock gives you the low down on all the best places for Vegetarians to eat in Budapest

Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan I’m sure you’ve at least once experienced the pain of being abroad and having no appealing eatery options. Sure, chips and pizza are staples but sometimes you’re after something that’s a break from your typical student grub, or maybe, you’re just a bit of a foodie who’s looking for something tasty in Budapest. I hear ya, so here were my favourite options:

Vintage Garden

Definitely a great place for vegetarians and meat eaters alike

Vintage Garden was perfect for coffee, cakes, cocktails and all sorts of grub (what more could you ask for though?) With a shabby chic vibe it was definitely a spot for Instagram bloggers and, although I didn’t see many vegan options, the vegetarian pastas were nothing but goodness, and this is definitely a great place for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. I had the spinach and ricotta tortellini, and for dessert, the Oreo blueberry cheesecake (heaven).

Karavan Street Food

This was Budapest’s answer to Birmingham’s ‘Digbeth Dining Club’. They had ‘Las Vegans’ - a stall that offered amazing vegan burgers and chips. We had the Indian chickpea burger which was definitely the best veggie burger we consumed during our week in Buda. You could also get great drinks here, and there were lots of other stalls which offered a variety of tantalising options. There was even some traditional goulash available (with a vegetarian twist of course). As most of the area was open air, we couldn’t return as we didn’t have the best weather. If you’re visiting in the peak of summer though, this should definitely be top of your list as the atmosphere was fab.

Hummus Bar

Think mountains of olives and dollops of hummus

Dotted around Budapest are tons of Hummus Bars. Again, this is a place for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, though the bars are part of a chain, so if you’re after something that’s more of an experience due to its uniqueness, this isn’t the place for you. The portions here were very generous - think mountains of olives and dollops of hummus and tahini - and, as with most of these places, it was very affordable and great for a lunch option.


Pizzica was incredible. No matter how much of a food snob you are, you can’t deny the heavenly goodness that is pizza. You pay by slice for these pieces of paradise and there’s vegan, vegetarian and meat choices alike. The atmosphere here was also a major bonus. With funky artwork, tunes and decor, this really was one of my favourite quirky spots in Budapest and would be a viable option for lunch or dinner, (we went a little overboard and bought more slices than anyone else in sight) but it was so affordable that it was hard to say no.


Another great spot for if the weather’s good - there’s not much seating available so be prepared to take a seat in the open air. Tokmag is a fully Vegan joint with a street food vibe, offering great burgers, sandwiches, vegetable crisps and a good selection of homemade smoothies. This is not one to miss if you enjoy more unconventional concoctions, and is perfectly located not far from the river Danube.


The avocado toast at this place was (szimply) to die for. With roasted chickpeas, sour dough bread, rosemary, sun-dried tomato and basil, it was the perfect mixture of both aesthetic and taste goodness. Again, the tunes in this place offered a retro throwback, and there was all sorts of interesting drinks on offer. The staff were also very friendly and there was a very quirky vibe about the whole place, especially since it was located down an almost secret side street.



Again, another wholly vegan joint. As a vegetarian, I love trying out vegan restaurants abroad as it gives me greater peace of mind knowing there could be no cross-contamination. If you’re like me and into trying new things, this is definitely the place for you as there was lots of traditional Hungarian options available. We opted for the not so wild option of pizza though, and shared a mixed vegetable pizza, which had the creamiest vegan cheese I’ve ever tasted, and their version of a Hawaiian pizza. My main disappointment with this place however was the fact they didn’t serve alcohol, which is just what we wanted after a day of chilling out in the thermal baths. Not to worry though, Budapest is full of plenty of good drinking spots, our favourite being ‘Kuplung’, which had a great indie vibe and offered half price drinks on a Monday.

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10th October 2017 at 12:00 pm