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The Four Best Pancake Spots in Birmingham

Food Writer Caitlin Dickinson heads into the centre of Birmingham this Pancake Day

If, like me, you’re not exactly a pro when it comes to flipping pancakes, then I suggest you head into the city of Birmingham to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

Ed’s Diner: Accessibly situated in the centre of Birmingham, pancakes with blueberries and strawberries, will only cost you £5.15. Or, if bacon and maple syrup are toppings more to your taste, then for only £1 extra, why not delve into some traditional American pancakes? At Ed’s Diner, you can also choose to combine your pancake with a homemade milk shake: delicious.

On Broad Street, the Coast to Coast café is another great place to try out this Pancake Day: where all of the pancakes are made with buttermilk. The variety of toppings range from blueberries to peanut butter and you are able to have as much as you like, in any combination you wish. A pancake will cost between £4.95- £7.95, depending on your chosen topping(s).

The Cosy Club, which possesses a rich interior of traditional English furniture and 1920’s America, is arguably the most scenic place to devour this Pancake Day; the restaurant can be found on Bennett’s Hill, disguised by the traditional architecture of an old bank. As part of their brunch menu, pancakes, with a range of toppings (such as peaches and crème fraiche) will served all day long (yes please).

Boston Tea Party: this handy local café, puts an exciting twist on traditional pancakes and uses Scottish batter mix. Boston Tea Party is an incredibly popular place, which prizes itself on using organic and free range ingredients. Their pancakes are usually served with maple syrup and cured bacon, but if you’re interested in mixing it up a little bit, then ask the staff to also add some Greek yoghurt: delicious.

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28th February 2017 at 5:29 pm