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Review: Tubestation Surf Cafe

Food Editor Tamar Smith takes a trip down south and reviews the must-visit surf cafe of Cornwall

I took a little mid-semester break to Polzeath, a small beach town in Cornwall. Whilst I was there, I visited Tubestation Surf Café – it’s a super cute café on the top of a hill overlooking the beach. They had breakfast and brunch options, as well as lunches, baked goods, a wide range of coffees, hot chocolates and teas, as well as smoothies and milkshakes!

My mum and I went for brunch, so I opted for the porridge made with soy milk and topped with almonds and dark chocolate, and my mum chose the porridge made with dairy milk, and topped with Greek yoghurt and honey. To drink, I had a green smoothie, and my mum had a cup of tea.

The porridge was so good! Cooked to the perfect temperature and consistency. The chocolate melted gloriously over the porridge and the almonds provided that perfect crunchiness amongst the smoothness of the dish. The smoothie was absolutely delicious, too! You couldn’t even taste the green, even though it contained both spinach and kale, the overriding flavour was mango and banana, which worked wonderfully. It felt healthy and tasted amazing – what more could you ask for??


Possibly the best thing about the café (despite the fact that the food was amazing, and they were able to cater to my vegan diet with absolute ease!) was the décor and set up of the place. It’s a surf café and it’s run by the local church, so all along the tops of the walls, where they meet the ceiling, 12 surf boards hung, each painted with the name of one of Jesus’ apostles. At the back of the café, there was a wooden skate boarding rank with a rope net separating that area from the cafe, so we could watch the children practicing their skateboarding techniques while we ate!

The décor was all hipser and rustic, with white washed wood, hanging bulb lights, bean bags, a log burning fire (which was a real sanctuary after being on the cold, windy beach), waves painted on the walls, and plugs everywhere, so it’s a perfect place to escape to and study, read, write, or catch up on work. The wifi password is also clearly displayed at the front of the café – who isn’t grateful for that!?

Tubestation is such a treat in this cute little coastal town! If you ever find yourself way down south in Cornwall, it’s well worth dropping by!


31st March 2017 at 10:00 am

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