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The Birmingham Food Calendar 2018

Dine Birmingham have released their first ever local food calendar, just in time for Christmas. Adele Franghiadi takes a look.

Dine Birmingham have joined forces with local photographer Jack Spicer Adams to create The Birmingham Food Calendar 2018 — a wall-calendar, showcasing some of Birmingham’s best eats, just in time for Christmas gift shopping.  "Think of it as 'foodporn' goes offline”, according to Dine Birmingham’s managing editor, Ahmed.

This would make a fantastic gift for any foodie, or for anyone looking to try new things in the city.

Some featured venues include: Michelin-starred Adams, The Church Inn, 40 St Pauls, Smultronställe, El Borracho de Oro, Sabai Sabai, Circle Restaurant, The Old Crown, and Peel & Stone, and the photographs showcase the best dishes and drinks from each establishment.

'Think of it as 'foodporn' goes offline' according to Dine Birmingham's managing editor

Brummie-born Jack Spicer Adams, who has been photographing food in Birmingham for seven years, has said: “I love taking food photos because I love to be around good food, it's something that excites me every day. Everybody eats, everybody knows the joy you feel from good food and photography can take you right there to that feeling.

What I love about the food in Birmingham is the variety, I love the mix of cuisines you can eat in this city. We've got people from different cultures and backgrounds coming together in Birmingham, opening restaurants and sharing food from around the world.

I feel like eating the food of another culture is such a great way to start to understand that culture and I can explore so many in Birmingham. I find that so exciting.”

This would make a fantastic gift for any foodie, or for anyone looking to try new things in the city.  If you’d like to order a copy, The Birmingham Food Calendar 2018 is available to order from DineBirmingham, and costs £9.99 plus £2.29 postage and packaging.

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13th December 2017 at 9:00 am

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