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Review: Café Rouge’s New Menu

Food Writer Sophie Braybrook visits Café Rouge in Birmingham's Mailbox to sample the exciting new menu

Café Rouge, in Birmingham’s iconic Mailbox, is the ideal location for an evening of indulgence. Grab a seat on the large balcony overlooking the winding canals and browse the new carefully selected summer menu.

The Parisian décor, coupled with the predominantly French-inspired menu, will take you on a journey. For the dining veggie, start with the Croquettes de Légumes: croquettes with a perfectly crunchy crumbled outer layer, containing petits pois, broad beans and herbs, served alongside aïoli and watercress. For a fish-lover, devour the delicious Bouillabaisse - the head chef’s personal recommendation. This modern take on a French classic is bursting with the flavours of the sea, featuring sustainably sourced sea bream, salmon, mussels and king prawns.

It's the ideal location for an evening of indulgence

One new addition to the menu is the aromatic vegetable tagine, a recipe inspired by the head chef’s travels through Morocco. This dish, packed with spices and served with a flatbread, brings a welcomed North African flare to this French-themed menu.

Accompany your meal with a choice of ice-cold Gin Blooms to cool off in this summer heat - opt for the refreshing elderflower flavour for a hint of sweetness.

Enjoy the warm reception from the friendly staff Café Rouge, and be spoiled for choice with the vast and varied menu, while you dine in a stunning setting this summer.

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3rd August 2017 at 9:00 am

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