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Review: Falafel Munch, Selly Oak

Sophie Rashley samples some delicious falafel from one of Selly Oak’s newest establishments, Falafel Munch

Falafel Munch on Bristol Road (opposite Aldi) offers some great vegetarian and vegan fast food - something that is lacking throughout the abundance of fast food places in Selly.  Although Aldi’s falafel is good and cheap, sometimes the non-refrigerated kind is necessary.  So, when I saw that ‘Falafel Munch’ has really good reviews on Google, I had to try it.

It was much larger than I expected as the server did not skimp on the filling
Outside there are picnic tables and even some fake grass, adding colour to the concrete wilderness that is Selly Oak.  The medium falafel wrap I ordered was only £3, and was much larger than I expected as the server did not skimp on the filling.  There was a good range of salads too - lettuce, cucumber, pickle etc- and dressings, and the wrap was thick enough to prevent any sogginess from the sauce.

The falafel itself had a good crispy outside without being dry in the centre, and the balance of spices was perfect.  Other options on the menu included salads and sides such as aubergine and pita bread, so if you’re not a huge falafel fan but want some good houmous and pita then still check it out.

I will definitely be making Falafel Munch a regular stop

The falafel was fried behind the counter so it did not take long at all.  If you’re easily excited over food like me, then watching that delicious falafel crisp over is tantalising.  I was even given a piece to try before I ordered which was really nice – I was taking a while to choose what I wanted and I think he pitied my indecisiveness.

As soon as I took a bite out of that beautiful falafel wrap I knew I had to go back; it was filling, it was tasty, and it was cheap. I’m in love.  They also do Deliveroo so if you’re really lazy, no worries.  Opening 10am-10pm on weekdays, ‘Falafel Munch’ is a great lunch spot.  I will definitely be making it a regular stop.

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22nd January 2018 at 9:00 am

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