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Review: Kababish, Moseley

Food Editor Adele Franghiadi reviews her most recent trip to her favourite restaurant, the curry house “Kababish" in Moseley

Disclaimer: this is my favourite restaurant in Birmingham, if not my favourite restaurant full stop.  I’ve been to Kababish many times since first visiting in 2016, and not once have I been even vaguely disappointed.

Most immediately striking about the restaurant is its modern and stylish interior, especially the subtle addition of beaded textiles which line the tables.  The restaurant has a very laid-back atmosphere, owing to the ambient music and dim lighting, which all makes for a very enjoyable dining experience.

Brinjle Milaana is one of Kababish’s many vegetarian options, so any veggies will be well catered for at this restaurant

In my most recent visit, my partner and I shared samosas and onion bhajees to start, which come with a fresh side salad and lemon wedge.  We also opted for popadoms which come with some delicious dips – my personal favourite in the trio is their chutney, which I haven’t come across anywhere else.

For mains, I chose Brinjle Milaana, a curry dish made from aubergine, green beans, peas, potatoes, and carrots.  This is a surprisingly colourful meal with a rich flavour, meaning it is incredibly filling despite looking quite light.  This curry is one of Kababish’s many vegetarian options from their table menu, so any veggies will be well catered for at this restaurant.   We also ordered pilau rice to share, and a naan each, which admittedly may have contributed to how quickly I felt full!

As for drinks, Kababish spoils you for choice.  The restaurant has a full bar, kitted out to cater for their varied cocktail menu, and diverse wine and beer menu.  The bar service is very speedy, much like the table service in general, without feeling rushed.

As a fairly small restaurant, you are almost always seated in view of the kitchen entrance.  Whilst seemingly an insignificant feature, this is surprisingly entertaining when someone orders one of the meat sizzler dishes.  These are still-sizzling marinated meats, which are rushed out the kitchen to the table.  They make a great noise and also a great smell, so maybe it’s just me, but it’s always exciting to see these dishes being presented, even if you don’t eat meat.

To top off the fantastic experience, Kababish won’t break the bank.  Whilst not the cheapest restaurant around, it’s friendly for a student budget, and is especially justifiable for special occasions.  Our final bill came to just £40.90 and included: two starters; popadoms; two mains (Brinjle Milaana and Sag Paneer with optional extra mushrooms); two naans; rice; one large wine; and two beers.  This trip to Kababish was – as always – well worth the money, not only owing to the great food, but the overall experience.

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18th February 2018 at 9:00 am

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