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Review: Not Dogs

Food Editor Tasha Smart reviews Birmingham's latest vegetarian restaurant

Drawn in primarily by the catchy name, I headed on over to Not Dogs to test out their veggie hotdogs. The company was created by Katie and Jane, who have spent the last few years travelling round the UK in their little purple food van, providing people with great veggie fast food. Fortunately, they have now set up a shop on Link Street, making it easy for us Birmingham students to give their creations a try.

This little food stop provides something new for those who are vegan or veggie, and even for those just looking to reduce their meat intake. We’ve all been there when the fast food craving hits and all that’s available is fried chicken or greasy beef burgers; now however, when us veggies want to gorge, we can head on down to Not Dogs and stuff our faces with some amazing tasting ‘meaty without the meat’ hotdogs.

stuff our faces with some amazing tasting ‘meaty without the meat’ hotdogs

Their Not Dogs come in a variety of awesome flavours and, struggling to decide, we went for the ‘Cha-Cha Chilli Dog’ and the ‘Kickin’ Katie Nacho Dog’ (with a side of vegan nuggets).

The chilli dog was covered with some great quality quorn chilli and was probably my favourite, though the Kickin’ Kate cannot be complained about, having being topped with guacamole and nacho dust. We were thrilled with both options, and you could certainly taste how high quality the veggie dogs were. It goes far to show just how great meat alternatives have become in recent years, us not having to suffer through sub-par options. The toppings were also creative and I’m certain any meat-eater would have been just as satisfied with their faux-meaty offerings.

The nuggets, again, were great, adding an extra treat to our gorging.The Not Dogs however certainly stole the show.

Each Not Dog came in at around £4 which, considering the portion you got, I felt was quite decent and it was a nice treat for a weekend lunch. I will definitely be revisiting and testing out the other options – the ‘Ticklish Tikka Dog’ sounds amazing!

In a world becoming increasingly veggie, they answer a call for more variety in the meat-free food offered. When constantly bombarded with options consisting merely of vegetables when going out to eat, its easy to be frustrated. Hopefully others will follow their leads and we’ll see more of this. In the long-term, who knows? Replace meaty options with still meaty alternatives and see who can be converted...

I personally wish Katie and Jane the best of luck in promoting their products and hope they stick around for a while. After all, only good can come from their success.

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15th March 2017 at 10:00 am

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