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Review: Pieminister

Food Editor Caitlin Dickinson reviews a rejuvenated menu at Birmingham's Piemaster

Admittedly, I have been to another Pieminister before visiting the Birmingham franchise. I was predicting the same menu, same interior, same experience per se. However, what I did get was much more than this.

I was surprised to discover that the young, trendy fast food pie shop had a menu make over which introduced pies such as the ‘Mexicow’ and ‘Feta Attraction’. The witty names, paired with mouth-watering fillings enhanced the predominately beef based menu. This renovation of the menu definitely has improved the experience of Pieminister for me, especially with the increased selection of pies.

Situated on Waterloo Street, near Victoria Square, Pieminister blends into the built up exterior of Birmingham. Once inside the restaurant, there is a stripped back interior that is completely by a neo-industrial steel frame work which booths and tables are situated inside. The quirky interior of the restaurant gives it an indie vibe, with neon lights and complimentary dull hanging lanterns muster up a relaxed atmosphere to dine in.

Renovation of the menu definitely has improved the experience of Pieminister for me

I ordered a ‘Matador’ classic pie (£6.00), which had British beef steak, chorizo, olive and butter bean as the filling. The well cooked hearty chunks of beef, in a rich meaty sauce were incredibly warming and melted in my mouth. This was given a Spanish twist with the slices of chorizo in the pie sauce, they enhanced the meatiness and gave salty undertones of paprika that spiced up the dish. The only disappointing aspect to my dish was that the promised ‘olive’ was either non-existent or so miniscule that I could not find it in my pie. I would expect the olive would pair deliciously well with the chorizo, but unfortunately it was not apparent to me.

Accompanying my dish was gravy and mash (£2.50). The gravy was not suitable for vegetarians or vegans, but this could be exchanged for a meat-free version when you order you pie (as the gravy is included). The mash was lovely and smooth, and had a butter flavour. You could change your side to have minted peas, slaw (which I nearly got) or smoked baked beans. There was so many options suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and chance to exchange food to suit your palate.

Well cooked hearty chunks of beef, in a rich meaty sauce was incredibly warming and melted in my mouth

Pieminister is a brilliant place to eat out with friends. The low prices and large portions would suit any eater, and a university student budget! I would definitely recommend Pieminister to anyone looking to cure a craving for a home comfort- pie, mash and gravy.

English Literature BA Undergraduate and Redbrick Food&Drink Editor. (@caitlinabby)


21st October 2017 at 9:00 am