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Review: Selly Oak Chicken Shops

Ed Doxey reviews a meticulously shortlisted selection of Selly Oak's chicken shops for a post-night out feast.


A good night, in my opinion, is rarely complete without a visit to some form of high street chicken and chips dispensary. However, with so many chicken shops available in Selly Oak the selection can seem daunting to the uninitiated.

Discounting takeaways that specialise in foods other than chicken (sorry Luciano’s), the chicken shops that follow are your best bets for an emergency portion of chips and six wings. After much deliberation, I have also excluded Pepe’s Piri Piri due to the fact that it closes at 11pm and is thus irrelevant to the presumed readership of this review.

The following reviews are featured in order of a prospective customer’s progress down Bristol Road as they stumble their way downhill.

Having been immediately suspicious about its name in the form of a false website address, (what else could they be lying about?) I avoided in my initial culinary forays into Selly Oak. On subsequent visits, I’ve been adequately unsurprised by a perfectly average chicken shop; while still more expensive than other options further down the road, it offers tasty food and a wider selection of menu items. I’ve also been assured that their wedges and chicken wrap are better than their Bristol Road equivalents, although I can’t personally account for this.

Dixy Chicken

I’ve been to Dixy Chicken several times in several cities, and while I can confirm the quality and pricing there are top notch, I’m an advocate of supporting your local when it comes to fast food and can’t condone feeding the national corporate tycoon that is Dixy Chicken. Before long they’ll be expanding into other industries and I don’t want to see my future children paying back their own student loans to Dixy Inc., so on that basis alone I recommend proceeding thirty metres further down the road.

Rooster House

If I were a food critic (I’m not) or if my own health placed high on my list of priorities (it doesn’t) then I would advise the reader to avoid Rooster’s at all costs, just as any of the aforementioned chicken shops. However the noisy tranquillity of Rooster House in the small hours can often provide the most memorable part of a night, as well as the reason why you have garlic mayo stains down your new jacket. Cheap, tasty chicken, speedy service and nostalgic memories of inebriated combo-snack boxes past make this my top recommendation in Selly Oak.


11th March 2018 at 9:00 am

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