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Review: Shababs

Food Editor Caitlin Dickinson enjoys a nice evening at Shababs in the Balti Triangle

On my first visit to the famous Balti Triangle in Birmingham, I visited the balti house called ‘Shababs’. It is situated on 163-165 Ladypool Road, which is easily found and accessible by transport or Uber. It primarily serves the traditional Indian curry dish of ‘balti’ in many varieties such as a bhuna balti (which I ordered), jalfrezi or vindaloo. The wide ranging menu also has typical dishes you would expect to find at an Indian restaurant such as samosas and korma, which can all be made vegetarian and gluten free. What is best is that the good value for money food is paired with large portion sizes that will not leave you hungry! These come to your table in an authentic pressed steel, wok-style bowl that is steaming with heat when it arrives at your table.

The staff are warm and friendly, and make the environment lovely to enjoy a meal in. You are seated in booths and have a glass table with the menu slotted inside, and you can expect to have Indian style music in the background playing whilst you eat your meal. I ordered a coriander naan, and a prawn bhuna which arrived promptly and roasting hot. On top there was a small sprinkling of coriander and a slice of lemon making the dish not only smell glorious, but also looking fantastic!

You can expect Indian style music in the background playing

The curry tasted great amazing, but if spice is not your thing then I would suggest a different dish. The background flavour of tomato, with garlic and onion mixed in, then a variety of herbs and spices to give the curry a deep flavour made this dish superb. This was delicately balanced by the subtle hints of chilli in the sauce. My side of naan was also fab as it had a lovely crisp bottom and buttery coriander top that made it the best accompaniment to my curry. This was the yummiest curry I have eaten in Birmingham yet, and I am desperate to go back and try more!

English Literature BA Undergraduate and Redbrick Food&Drink Editor. (@caitlinabby)


20th October 2017 at 9:00 am