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Review: Sundarbon, Selly Oak

Food Editors Caitlin Dickinson and Phoebe Radford spice up their life at Sundarbon

There is one sure way to spice up your life, and that is to go for a curry. Indian cuisine has long been a British favourite for eating out or take away, and it is easy to see why, as it’s so versatile. Well suited to dining out in a big group and sharing lots of different dishes, or ordering a set meal for one to take away, there is also a huge amount of choice in the menu of any curry house.

Redbrick Food & Drink recently went to try Sundarbon’s. Located in the heart of Selly Oak, on the corner of Tiverton Road, the restaurant is a student favourite.

Sundarbon have an eclectic menu, with nine different mains menus ranging from Classic Dishes, Balti, Vegetarian, Seafood, and House Specialities. There is also an extensive list of side dishes and starters to suit all eaters be it vegetarian or vegan.

With so many options, Mohammad, the owner, was kind enough to recommend some dishes to us, telling us what combinations would complement each other.

Of course, we started with poppadoms with the classic accompaniments of mango chutney, onion relish, okra pickle, sweet tomatoes and hot sauce.

For our actual starters, we shared the recommended paneer tikka and aloo chat, both from the classic appetisers section. Paneer is a South Asian cheese, and it came grilled on a sizzling hot plate. The cheese was mild, and the texture was not too dissimilar to halloumi. It had been spiced, adding flavour, but it would suit those who prefer less heat in their curry. The aloo chat was a dish of softly cooked potato, spiced and had tomatoes through it. This packed more of a punch than we were expecting, it was not overly hot but definitely had a kick. As Mohammad had recommended, the two dishes did perfectly balance each other out.

We had a plain, a garlic, and a peshwari naan, which was a great way to share and means you don’t have to fight about which type of naan you both want

For our main course, we chose to share a mushroom rice with crispy onions on top and a side, the tarkar dahl, which is a creamy smooth lentils dish with spices and lots of garlic. It went perfectly with our naans, of which we had three thanks to Sundarbon’s tokri naan option, where you can choose three mini naans. We had a plain, a garlic, and a peshwari naan, which was a great way to share and means you don’t have to fight about which type of naan you both want!

For the main dish itself, we had a Bengal lamb and the king prawn sagwalla.

The Bengal lamb was a speciality dish to Sundarbon. It came on a sizzling iron platter and smelt divine. The hearty chunks of lamb were set aside red peppers and onions in a rich tomato sauce. This was not for the faint hearted when it came to heat. I would suggest that this curry was around a madras level of spice, which for me was perfect, but definitely had a kick.

Unsurprisingly, the king prawn sagwalla is on the seafood menu. It was a generous portion of succulent prawns, mixed through with spinach and spices, although it was still mild. This curry would suit those who normally go for a something like a korma but want to try something new. It was different but delicious.

Sundarbon offer deals, which can be found on their facebook page. One such deal is the curry club, offering any classic starter, any classic main, and a bottle of corona for £13.97. Mohammad said Sundarbon plan to offer varying deals throughout the year, so it’s worth keeping an eye out. We had a fantastic, authentic meal at Sundarbon, and would definitely recommend it as the next place you go for curry in Selly Oak. Whether it be with friends or your partner, this is the best spot to spice up your life.


7th November 2017 at 9:00 am