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Three Meals a Day ?

At university it is not common protocol to have three meals a day

At university it is not common protocol to have three meals a day. There are a variety of reasons for this, ranging from laziness, to lectures, to sleeping habits. Equally, eating when hungry, or grazing to those diet gurus, is a food tactic many students are quite content to abide by. However, it is common knowledge that this way of life can be unhealthy, and expensive, especially if your convenience food revolves around fast food and ready meals. Yet, this article in advocating the benefits of eating three meals a day is not just focusing on the health benefits but practical benefits. As we are ominously approaching exam period structure to ones day is becoming more important than ever as hours spent in bed and lounging around are hours spent not revising. Yet, maintaining the discipline to stick to your pointlessly decorated and beautiful revision timetable is extremely difficult. This is especially true if you are wasting hours of time preparing food in the kitchen. Therefore, the temptations to snack and graze become overwhelming. However, the structure and discipline needed for revision can start with a structured and disciplined food ethic. I myself am awful at revising and have horrific concentration. Thus, a continuous cycle of getting up each morning, showering then eating breakfast, revising for a few hours then eating lunch, revising for a few more hours, than eating dinner, benefits me enormously. It does also allow me to eat a fairly balanced diet which can be vehemently disregarded during the panic of exams. Each and every person has their own method to revise and obviously stick to whatever works for you. But, if you are struggling to find the motivation or time to revise then maybe give the policy of three meals a day a go!


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