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Games at the Gala

As the tickets for the annual Miscellany Gala go on sale, Gaming Editor Roshni Patel rounds up the games to look out for at this year's event

There are over 270 societies at the University of Birmingham, ranging from sporty and active, to nerdy and sedate. Every year, a combination of some of the coolest indoor societies band together to put on the Miscellany Gala, an eclectic mix of different interests, performances and activities, all under one roof. From battle reenactments in Deb Hall, to bad film screenings in the Guild Council Chambers, the Miscellany Gala plays host to a variety of activities for all.

As a university which is host to a number of gaming societies, it's only natural that the consoles, board games and LAN servers be brought out for a evening of fun and laughter, up in the Beorma Bar.

This year Computer & Video Games Society will be breaking out the flat screens and setting up Just Dance and Rocket League, with a catalogue of games to be switched in on request. It's sure to be enjoyable evening of dancing along to the latest pop songs, while cheering on your friends as they roll and race around the Rocket League arena.

As well as hosting dance offs and multiplayer matches, the Beorma Bar will also be host to the Games Development Society, who will be bringing their own LAN server to allow impromptu LAN games to be played by any attendees who have brought their laptops. While there are a range of games that can be connected together through a local area network, the society have found that some of the best games are free, such as Team Fortress 2 and Fistful of Frags, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also being a well played favourite.

But it's not all screens and controllers, as the Tabletop Gaming Society will also be taking up some space with a wide range of board games of varying length. From short games such as Love Letter, Sushi Go Party! and Codenames, which are quite easy to learn and quick to play, to longer games such as Ticket to Ride and The Settlers of Catan, where players can settle in for hours of fun.

Interspersed with food and performances, such as live music in the Debating Hall, the Miscellany Gala on 3rd February looks like a blast, as attendees descend upon the Guild to fill the halls with cosplay and laughter. With tickets only costing £5 and available to buy on the guild website, the Gala is a great night to have some fun, meet new people and try out some of the indoor societies on offer on campus.

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