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    Hands On: Conga Master

    Redbrick Gaming gets their boogie on to become the Conga Master of EGX

    Written by Redbrick on 13th October 2016


    Getting Your Foot in the Gaming Industry

    Our Gaming Editors outline some helpful hints for breaking into the gaming and e-sports industries, gathered from the careers fair at EGX

    Written by James Lentschner on 12th October 2016


    Hands On: Mekazoo

    We get hands on with Mekazoo, a glowing platformer that has us all nostalgic for our childhood favourites

    Written by Redbrick on 11th October 2016


    Hands On: 88 Heroes

    Redbrick plays cheesy 80s inspired 2D platformer 88 Heroes, where 88 isn't the lucky number

    Written by Redbrick on 10th October 2016


    EGX | Hands On: Sniper Elite 4

    Redbrick Gaming Editor, James Marvin, check out the new and improved Sniper Elite 4 and catches up with Rebellion developer Imre Fulop

    Written by James Marvin on 9th October 2016


    EGX | Interview: Smash Up

    EGX 2016 is an amazing opportunity to get to play many interesting and exciting new games, Gaming Editor James Lentschner tries his hand at Smash Up, Nomad Games' factional card game

    Written by James Lentschner on 7th October 2016


    EGX | Hands On: Final Fantasy XV

    Square Enix have finally set a release date for Final Fantasy 15, James Lentschner finds out if it was worth the wait, at EGX

    Written by James Lentschner on 6th October 2016


    EGX | Hands On: Little Nightmares

    Redbrick Gaming plays with their childhood nightmares in Tarsier Studio and Bandai Namico's Little Nightmares

    Written by Redbrick on 6th October 2016


    EGX | Hands-On: RIGS Mechanized Combat League (PSVR)

    Mech Pilot Mason Cusack steps into the arena in RIGS. Could a non-violent robotic sports-shooter be PSVR's killer app?

    Written by Mason Cusack on 30th September 2016


    EGX | Hands-On: Batman: Arkham VR

    James Marvin dons the cowl of the Caped Crusader in his Hands-On of Batman: Arkham VR from this year's EGX

    Written by James Marvin on 28th September 2016


    EGX | Hands-On: Dishonored 2

    James Marvin walks us through the Clockwork Mansion, the first global hands-on demo for Dishonored 2 from this year's EGX

    Written by James Marvin on 27th September 2016


    EGX Rezzed | Hands-on: Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse

    After the zombie apocalypse, nature takes action, as bears, lions, elephants, pangolins and ducks mow down all in their path in this top-down shoot 'em up.

    Written by Roshni Patel on 28th April 2016
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