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    The Importance of Music in Video Games

    Imogen Mellor examines the importance and power of music in video games, and offers examples of this being done very well

    Written by Imogen Mellor on 5th April 2018


    Would Battle Royale Games Work in an Esports Setting?

    Tom Martin gives us his opinion on whether the newly popularised battle-royale genre could be implemented into an esports setting

    Written by Tom Martin on 28th March 2018


    Dear Donald Trump: Please Don’t Make Multimedia the Scapegoat of Your Errors

    Tom Martin provides his response to the recent controversy surrounding Donald Trump, gun violence and video games

    Written by Tom Martin on 15th March 2018


    Microtransactions Here Are (Red) Dead Wrong

    Comment Editor Alex Cirant-Taljaard gives us his opinion over the controversial inclusion of microtransactions in the highly-anticipated Red Dead Redemption II

    Written by Alex Cirant-Taljaard on 27th February 2018


    Nintendo in 2018 – What They Need to Do to Succeed

    Gaming writer Sam Nason gives us his opinion on what Nintendo needs to do to succeed in 2018

    Written by Sam Nason on 25th January 2018


    Has Pokémon GO outlived its relevancy?

    Pokémon GO fan Sam Nason examines whether the once-popular mobile game still has the relevancy it once did in 2018.

    Written by Sam Nason on 19th January 2018


    Most Anticipated Games of 2018

    The Redbrick Gaming team take you through the most anticipated games of 2018

    Written by Nicholas Burton, Sam Nason, George Hopkins, James Law, Imogen Mellor, Jack Cooper & James Honke on 19th January 2018


    How To Scratch That Gaming Itch On A Budget

    James Law trawls through popular indie games website,, to find the free gems to help you game on a budget

    Written by James Law on 19th November 2017


    ‘Game-Bling’: Are Loot Boxes Turning Games Into Casinos?

    Emma Kent provides a deep, thought-provoking feature on loot crates, and the argument that games are becoming casinos

    Written by Emma Kent on 4th November 2017


    PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds Makes Rapid Rise To Stardom

    Galen Reich and Emma Kent discuss how the as yet unfinished Battlegrounds has nevertheless become the world's hottest game

    Written by Galen Reich & Emma Kent on 27th October 2017


    Back To Uni Bargains – Games Under £10

    George Hopkins offers you one of the most comprehensive game bargains list for University students across the country

    Written by George Hopkins on 17th October 2017


    Could Injustice 2 Already Be the Game of the Year?

    Deputy Editor Harry Turner explains how the latest NetherRealm fighter is not only one of the best games of its genre, but also one of the best games period

    Written by Harry Turner on 20th June 2017
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