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Hands On: Conga Master

Redbrick Gaming gets their boogie on to become the Conga Master of EGX

As a big fan of multiplayer party games, any monitor on the show floor with more than 1 controller lying in front of it instantly draws my attention and my feet soon gravitate towards them to investigate. It was a scenario like this that drew me to Conga Master, a 4 player party game with an utterly ridiculous premise, promising fun and for any age.

The premise of this game is so simple, you might not believe me, yet, you’ll laugh regardless and probably continue reading to find out what on earth I found so enjoyable. This game is just as the title suggests, a ridiculous conga dancing arcade game, where players play as smooth dancing 8 bit characters trying to form the longest conga line. And it’s as simple as that. With 20 unlockable characters, 5 80s inspired clubs, power ups and a few things to look out for on the dance floor; such as pigs disguised as dancers, this game is filled with all the features you expect in a party game.


The game itself is madness, and I should know, I tried to play it twice over the course of the weekend. Like Gang Beasts, Conga Master relies on only 2 buttons, the triggers, which determine the direction in which your dancer meanders. But take care not to bump into any dancers, else you’ll only annoy them and scupper your chances of wrangling them into your conga line. At first I found using the triggers to steer terribly finicky, often ending up trapped in a corner or constantly bumping into my targets. But after a while, you fall into an easy rhythm, allowing you to boogie around a group of disco dancers and charm them into your conga line. By the end I was better than I had been the first time, but unfortunately my opponents were just that little better. So it was a good job they’d put in some sabotage power ups, scissors. These were often dotted around the dance floor, helping you to cut your opponents line down to size, or steal victory in the closing seconds.


Overall, Conga Master is a fun game to play with friends and a great addition to any catalogue of party games. The game play will either have you grinning around the dance floor, or wailing in despair as your conga is cut short and your dancer are stolen. Developed by Undercoders, Conga Master was prototyped in a mere 3 days for a Ludum Dare game jam, and the game has since been greenlit and is available to buy on the Steam store.

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13th October 2016 at 9:00 am

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