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    EGX Rezzed | Interview: Ingvi Snædel, Associate Producer of ThroughLine Games

    Gaming editor Roshni Patel delves into the realm of forgotten objects in ThroughLine Games' Forgotton Anne, catching up with Associate Producer Ingvi Snædel about its upcoming release

    Written by Roshni Patel on 24th April 2018


    Interview: Hugo ‘Coldhands’ Kay

    Resident esports Journalist, Roshni Patel, caught up with ESL Premiership Autumn Finalist, Hugo 'Coldhands' Kay, to find out how his secrets for Hearthstone Success

    Written by Roshni Patel on 21st March 2018


    Interview: Dear Esther Live’s Laura Ducceschi

    Gaming Writer Galen Reich had the chance to interview producer Laura Ducceschi about her current project, Dear Esther Live

    Written by Galen Reich on 6th December 2017


    PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds Makes Rapid Rise To Stardom

    Galen Reich and Emma Kent discuss how the as yet unfinished Battlegrounds has nevertheless become the world's hottest game

    Written by Galen Reich & Emma Kent on 27th October 2017


    EGX | Interview: Smash Up

    EGX 2016 is an amazing opportunity to get to play many interesting and exciting new games, Gaming Editor James Lentschner tries his hand at Smash Up, Nomad Games' factional card game

    Written by James Lentschner on 7th October 2016
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