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News: PlayStation’s AAA Paris Games Week

Gaming writer George Hopkins discusses PlayStation's phenomenal press conference at this year's Paris Games Week

With the dozens of calibre releases that have graced the world of gaming this year, it can be hard to pay attention to what lies beyond one of the best years in gaming. PlayStation, however, have managed to momentarily wrench our adorning gazes away from the likes of Super Mario Odyssey and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus by holding a phenomenal press conference at Paris Games Week which could rival any found at this year's E3.

The conference’s pre-show focused predominantly on Indie and PlayStation VR titles and revealed several new upcoming PS4 games. These included: Guacamelee 2, The Hong Kong Massacre (2018), Tennis World Tour (2018), Megalith (VR, 2018) and Spelunky 2. Also announced were the 3D narrative driven puzzle-platformer The Garden’s Between (2018), and the Journey-inspired Oure which is available now on the PlayStation store.

The media showcase then moved on to the plethora of upcoming AAA titles set to come to the PS4. A number of these were third-party games that offered exclusive in-game benefits to those with PS4 copies, but the primary focus was of course on exclusives.

The Last of Us II

Among the trailers shown for PlayStation exclusives was a new combat-orientated God of War (early 2018) trailer, and a trailer further highlighting the importance of player agency in David Cage’s Detroit: Become Human (2018).

The remastered Shadow of the Colossus (February 2018) and the impressive-looking DLC Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds (out now) also received large amounts of attention, plus a first-look at Insomniac's take on the narrative within Spiderman (2018) was unveiled.

PlayStation have managed to momentarily wrench our adorning gazes away from one of the best years in gaming with their phenomenal press conference.

The two trailers that generated the most interest, however, bookended the showcase. Sucker Punch, who have been very quiet since the 2014 release of Infamous: Second Son, opened by revealing a brand new IP called Ghost of Tsushima. The cinematic trailer provided showed a nameless samurai protagonist fighting within feudal Japan's 1274 war with the Mongols.

Closing out the conference was a new trailer for the hugely anticipated The Last of Us 2. This caused a stir within the crowd not only because of the popularity of the first game and excitement for the sequel, but also because many deemed the scenes shown within the trailer to be too graphic for inclusion in the conference.

Despite Sony offering an incredibly impressive line-up of games, many were disappointed by the absence of work from some key developers. The most notable of which were Bandai Namco’s Code Vein and Hideo Kojima with his alluring Death Stranding.




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